Luke O’Farrell earlier today     7th October 2007

From Rousseau with Loathing

Learning Self-Hate from Jacques and the Jews

There’s no gang in white nations infecting our food and water with typhoid and cholera. Not yet, anyway. Instead, there’s a gang infecting our media and schools with guilt and self-hatred. The latter may work more slowly than the former, but they’ll prove just as deadly in the long run. Another important similarity between ideological infections and biological ones is that it’s possible to seethe with them and not be affected by them. Typhoid Mary, who died in 1938, spread a biological infection but was herself immune to its effects. The relevant authorities went to great lengths to stop her infecting those who weren’t immune. There was also a Typhoid Miriam, who died in 2004. She spread an ideological infection and the relevant authorities went to great lengths to help her infect those who weren’t immune. Who was Typhoid Miriam? None other than the writer Susan Sontag. Her most famous line was: “The white race is the cancer of human history.”

There have been plenty of other Typhoid Miriams – Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Rosa Luxemburg, for example – but there are even more Typhoid Moishes. The academic Noël Ignatiev is one of them. His most famous line is: “Abolish the white race!” But I want to get one thing straight: I hope no-one thinks that by using names like “Miriam” and “Moishe” I’m being anti-Semitic. No, I hope everyone knows that I’m being anti-Semitic, because Jews are undoubtedly the biggest creators and spreaders of ideological plague, from communism to feminism, from political correctness to anti-racism. If there’s white guilt to instill and white self-hatred to encourage, no-one works harder or more enthusiastically than Jews. And they have the power and influence to get results. One of their favorite techniques is to deny stereotypes that are true and encourage stereotypes that are false. Generally speaking, stereotypes either reflect reality or invert it. Blacks are stupid, violent and promiscuous. Jews are selfish, greedy and dishonest. Those stereotypes reflect reality, so the media and governments of Western nations deny them. Whites are racist, xenophobic and bigoted. That stereotype inverts reality, so the media and governments of Western nations encourage it.

Leon Trotsky, né Lev Bronstein Susan Sontag at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 11/08/2003

“Leon was red,
Sue wasn’t blue,
Want to harm whites?
Just send for a Jew!”

L-R: Leon Trotsky; Susan Sontag

In fact, whites are the least xenophobic, most individualistic race on earth. It may be a product of our evolution in our own particular European environment, but whatever its causes it explains why we’re so vulnerable to the ideological plagues spread by Jews. They, with a distinct evolutionary history, aren’t susceptible. Whites are not the master race: we have big weaknesses that white-haters like Jews can exploit and it’s up to us to recognize those weaknesses and guard against them. But I think liberalism would have been a big problem among whites even if Jews hadn’t been around to make it more virulent by crossbreeding it with Marxism, Freudianism and other Jewish ideologies. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) wasn’t a Jewish puppet so far as I’m aware, but he managed to come up with a lot of pernicious ideology all the same. Some of the most pernicious revolved around the concept of the Noble Savage, or the innately moral primitive living in harmony with nature, uncorrupted by wicked European civilization. Rousseau didn’t invent the concept, but he did as much as anyone to spread it.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A talented white who went astray:
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78)

We’re still suffering the consequences. Rousseau’s ideas have influenced the liberals who think mass immigration is good because it replaces immoral decadent whites with noble savage non-whites: blacks, Mexicans, Pakistanis, Somalis et al. And when it turns out that the ethnic incomers, although definitely savage, are far from noble, well, there’s an easy explanation for that and an additional reason to welcome mass immigration. Whitey’s racism and bigotry have corrupted these guests, so the sooner Whitey’s knocked off his throne and trampled on, the sooner oppression will end and harmony reign. “His” is the mot juste, by the way. Women are also regarded by liberals as noble savages: close to nature, innately moral and caring, but, just like ethnic angels, susceptible to corruption by the wicked white male.

Hastings Banda Trevor Phillips

Left: Noble savage Hastings Banda, power-crazed dictator of Malawi
Right: Noble savage Trevor Phillips, power-crazed head of the CEHR

Well, the wicked white male was toppled in Rhodesia, the breadbasket of Africa, and the result was Zimbabwe, the basket-case of Africa. Women of all races are doing very badly there now, but an even bigger and better basket is being prepared for South Africa, also wrenched from the hands of the wicked white male and handed affectionately to noble savages. But again, though definitely savage, they’ve not been noticeably noble. Again the explanation is they’ve been corrupted by whites. The further apartheid recedes into history, the worse its effects are becoming. It’s a kind of evil magic and means that liberals must work harder than ever to exorcise the specter that haunts the world – the specter of the white race. Abolish it! Cut out this cancer! In Britain, one of the chief abolitionist-surgeons is a Guyanese black called Trevor Phillips, or Clever Trevor, as he’s known to his biggest fans. CT was the last head of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), which has now been shut down and replaced by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR). Its passing was marked by an editorial in The Independent, which is a bit like The Guardian on crack. If you thought the latter newspaper was full of half-witted liberal non sequitur and self-contradiction, take a look at the editorial in the Indie:

The black gang that invaded a christening in London in August 2005 and shot dead a black woman

They murder and rob...

Education is another area where prejudice persists. Black boys are far more likely to be excluded from school, despite the fact that their behaviour is often no more disruptive than that of their white counterparts. And so the list of inequalities goes on. Ethnic minority groups are less likely to have access to decent health treatment. They are more likely to live in substandard social housing. The ethnic minority faces in positions of power in the worlds of business, the law and the media are disproportionately few. The CRE’s final report concludes that Britain is still a place of inequality, exclusion and isolation. It also sees society increasingly fractured along ethnic lines, both geographically and mentally.

The two black who murdered white lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce in London in January 2006 The black gang that robbed and brutalized subway passengers in London before being jailed in November 2006

Murder and rob some more! And torture too!

Why do such divisions persist when racist views and behaviour are supposedly unacceptable? Some on the right of the political spectrum have attempted to lay the blame on “multicultural policies” that have ghettoised communities and impeded integration. But the opposite is the case. The process of changing attitudes has, in fact, been too slow. The problem is one of too little multiculturalism, not too much. There remains a powerful hostility towards “outsiders” in modern Britain. The CRE has done important work over the past 31 years and Britain is a more tolerant and harmonious place because of its efforts. But we should not fool ourselves that its work is anything like complete. (“Prejudice, politics, and the fight for equality”, 20 September 2007)

The Pakistanis and Somalis who murdered a white policewoman in Bradford in November 2005

Who’s to blame? Whitey, of course!

Where to begin dismantling that edifice of falsehoods and fallacies? Look at the claim that the behaviour of black pupils “is often no more disruptive than that of their white counterparts”, which means it’s unjust to exclude blacks from schools at higher rates. Liberal logic – don’tcha just love it? That’s rather like arguing that because falling ten feet is often no less deadly than falling a hundred feet, you should be no more worried about falling off a skyscraper than off a cottage. And what about these two sections?

The CRE’s final report concludes that Britain is still a place of inequality, exclusion and isolation. It also sees society increasingly fractured along ethnic lines, both geographically and mentally.

The CRE has done important work over the past 31 years and Britain is a more tolerant and harmonious place because of its efforts.

Got that? According to the CRE, Britain is “increasingly fractured along ethnic lines”, but thanks to the CRE Britain is also “a more tolerant and harmonious place.” How’s that for a slogan? “Through Fracture to Harmony!” Maybe we should offer it to Clever Trevor as he fights to rescue all those ethnic minorities groaning at the bottom of society under white oppression. Except for the Chinese. He doesn’t need to rescue them. They’re actually doing better than whites. So are the Sikhs, the Hindus and the Indian Muslims: all belong to ethnic minorities, all are doing very well under a white majority. And what about the most oppressed, the most persecuted minority of them all: the poor old Jews? They’re right at the top of society, enjoying power, influence and wealth out of all proportion to their numbers. Why didn’t the Independent mention all that? Because it was enjoying a wallow in that ever-satisfying liberal narcissism and self-righteousness:

“Look at me! Look at me! I belong to the wicked white race but by sheer shining individual goodness I’ve overcome my poisonous heritage to crusade for Truth and Justice against my own kind! Whitey bad, bad, bad! Ethnic good, good, good!”

Just as you shouldn’t put your body between a thirsty rhinoceros and a water-hole, you shouldn’t put facts between a self-righteous liberal and his narcissism. In the first case, you’ll get trampled; in the second, the facts will. Liberals aren’t concerned with facts. Some ethnic minorities do very well in white nations, which contradicts the idea of whites as tireless racist oppressors and doesn’t enable liberals to feel the thrill of criticizing their own race. The liberal solution? Ignore the ethnic minorities that do well. Liberalism is not about truth and justice, or about what’s good for liberals’ pretended objects of concern. No, it’s about making liberals feel good. Here’s some more of the editorial:

Yesterday, the chief constable of Cambridgeshire argued that foreigners “need to be told what they can and can’t do” and implied that they routinely carry knives. The peddling of such negative stereotypes does a huge amount of harm to community relations.... Another reason for the lack of progress is that our political leaders have failed to take a lead in combating xenophobic stereotyping. Rather than denouncing such views, governments have too often pandered to them. We see it in the Prime Minister’s recent demands for “British jobs for British workers” with its distasteful implication that foreigners have been undermining domestic employment prospects.

The liberal author doesn’t reject the stereotype and the implication on the ground that they’re untrue but on the ground that they’re “negative” and “distasteful.” Similarly “negative” and “distasteful” to liberals is the idea that the failure of any ethnic minority might be due to flaws in the minority itself, rather than to flaws in whites. Can you imagine running medicine along those lines? “This X-ray seems to show that Mr Smith has cancer. Isn’t that negative? Can you imagine how distasteful he’ll find the news? No, tell him everything’s okay.” Well, politics is a kind of medicine intended to diagnose and cure the ills of society. Rejecting the truth because it’s distasteful is a sure way to make society’s ills worse and harder to cure. It’s distasteful that race exists and has significant effects on intelligence and behavior. So liberals reject the truth and try to build a multi-racial Paradise with lots of white taxpayers’ money for lots of pious propaganda.

Billions of dollars and millions of words later, the Commission for Racial Equality, headed by Clever Trevor, admits that “Britain is increasingly fractured along ethnic lines.” Trevor’s CRE has failed, in other words. The solution? Expand the CRE’s remit, give it a new name, put Clever Trevor in charge again, and hand over even more money for even more failure. Too many whites applaud that kind of lunacy because they’ve been taught to hate their own race. Non-whites like Marx and Phillips, who was an enthusiastic communist in his student days, are partly responsible for that, but so are whites like Rousseau. It’s distasteful to recognize our own part in the disaster that threatens us, but we’re not liberals and we should do so gladly. Recognizing the truth is not just valuable in itself, it’s also the first step to curing the ill.


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