Luke O’Farrell earlier today     9th December 2007

Programmed for Pogrom

You Can’t Say That – It’s True!

The pushy Jew. It’s a classic anti-Semitic stereotype and it was sickening to see it trotted out to greet the Jewish philanthropist David Abrahams, who is currently at the center of another storm-in-a-tea-cup about donations to the British Labour party:

David Abrahams (right) with Sir Sigmund Sternbery (left)

Far from keeping himself to himself, as is being written, Abrahams was about the pushiest person I ever came across in my time at the Fabians [= Fabian Society, a left-wing think-tank] – and in politics, that is saying something. He would ring up the office asking about meetings; at those meetings, he would make a bee-line for the most senior politicians in the room. He was, in short, keen to be noticed. There are some people who just give off a bad vibe. I recall a number of times when Abrahams offered us a donation. You get a nose for these sort of things (unless, it seems, you are Labour General Secretary or running for office within the party), and we decided at the time to steer well clear. (The Spectator, 27th November 2007)

David Abrahams (right) with Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefeitz (left)

“The Mensch in the Muddle, the Jew in the Stew!”

Above: David Abrahams (R) with Sir Sigmund Sternberg (L), big Labour donor
Below: David Abrahams with Zvi Hefeitz (L), the Israeli ambassador

My God: a pushy Jew giving off bad vibes as he makes a bee-line for senior politicians. That’s Jew-bashing hate speech straight from Der Stürmer ’s school of journalism! Can you wonder that mild-mannered Melanie Phillips, one of Britain’s leading Judeo-conservatives, was writing about “Britain’s Goebbels moment” just two days later?

Instead of fighting such appalling prejudice, mainstream British society is once again fanning the flames. The ancient libel of the global Jewish conspiracy has long been made respectable in Britain beneath the fig-leaf of antagonism to Israel. Walt and Mearsheimer were recently given a respectful hearing and their calumnies broadcast on the BBC. We don’t know what lies behind Labour’s funding scandal, but what is clear is that it’s open season on the Jews. (The Spectator, 29th November 2007)

Melanie Phillips

“The goyim must obey!”
Mild Mel lays it on the line

What’s even worse is that the flames were being fanned beneath the fig-leaf (ouch) right on Mel’s own doorstep: those two quotes come from blogs on the same magazine. So did Mel give the anti-Semitic blogger a piece of her mind? Did her Jewish colleague Stephen Pollard, who assailed “ignorant peddlers of the oldest antisemitic caricatures” on the Spectator ’s blog on 3rd December? Well, it might have been difficult for Pollard to criticize the peddler of the “pushy Jew” caricature, because the peddler was Pollard himself. Whoops! Not setting a good example to the goyim there. If we start telling the truth about Jews and their behavior, who knows where it might end? In the horror of white nations being run for the benefit of whites rather than Jews, that’s where. If you look at Phillips’ and Pollard’s attack on media coverage of the Abrahams affair, you won’t see anything but hysteria and special pleading. Their essential message is: “You can’t say that – it’s true!” Look at what happened when Yasmin Alibhai-Brown calmly asked a very important question in The Independent:

Can someone explain what exactly is the role of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) in our political life? And its twin, the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) too. In an open democracy, we are entitled to make such queries – indeed, it is a duty. (Loc. cit., 3rd December 2007)

Pollard reacted to her article with a mixture of dishonest evasion and slimy self-pity:

Today, our old friend the Yazzmonster has been up to her usual tricks, playing the holier-than-thou card whilst in reality peddling vicious smears... Brave heroine of truth that she is, she won’t be silenced by them yids... We’re not even two pars into the piece and we’ve got accusations, innuendos, Jewish conspiracies and two of the oldest antisemitic tropes in existence. Don’t bother with the rest of it, because it made me feel slightly sick and it’ll probably have the same effect on you. Unless, that is, you enjoy reading ignorant peddlers of the oldest antisemitic caricatures. Then again, I would say that because I’m a yid too. Isn’t that right, Yasmin? (The Spectator, 3rd December 2007)

David Pollard David Pollard

“Anti-Semite!” – “Who, me?”
Stephen Pollard caricatures and condemns

As we’ve seen, it wasn’t Yasmin who peddled the “pushy Jew” caricature, it was Pollard himself. But the caricature is accurate: Abrahams is indeed pushy. So is another Jew at the heart of this scandal, Jon Mendelsohn, a close friend of yet another pushy Jew, “Lord” Levy, who escaped prosecution earlier this year when vital evidence about his sale of honors was ruled “inadmissible” by the Crown Prosecution Service. Levy left his job as Labour’s chief fundraiser because of the scandal and Mendelsohn, who had his very own cash’n’politics scandal in 1998, stepped straight into his shoes. Abrahams, Mendelsohn and Levy have been central players in Labour Friends of Israel, which, like its twin Conservative Friends of Israel, has the luxury of exercising maximal power under minimal scrutiny:

John Mendelsohn David Abrahams

David and Jonathan – least said, soonest mended?
L-R: Friends of Israel Jon Mendelsohn and David Abrahams

Behind-the-scenes group’s unerring knack of backing the right man

It was the kind of photo opportunity that, amid last week’s Labour funding firestorm, both Gordon Brown and his hand-picked “election resources” chief, Jon Mendelsohn, probably wish they had given a miss. It was not that their warm handclasp and beaming smiles at last April’s lunch at the Banqueting Hall in Westminster were surprising. Quite the opposite. The event was a reminder not only of Brown’s and Mendelsohn’s shared history, but of a remarkably active Labour lobbying group that not only brought them together but had earlier pitted Mendelsohn, far less happily, with the third major figure in this funding crisis, David Abrahams. The group is called Labour Friends of Israel. Founded in 1957, it has grown in the past half-century into probably the party’s most successful parliamentary lobby group. At the party conference, other groups vie to lure delegates to fringe meetings, with the occasional promise of a cabinet minister. But the LFI’s evening reception has seldom bothered to list its speaker in the conference handbook; it has gone without saying that its ministerial draw would be the MP for Sedgefield, Tony Blair – a mantle that at this year’s conference seamlessly passed to the member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Gordon Brown. At April’s lunch, where Brown was keynote speaker, Mendelsohn was ending a five-year stint as head of the organisation. (The Observer, 2nd December 2007)

Kike crook ‘Sir’ Ronald Cohen (left) with race-traitor Gordon Brown

Ronald Cohen and his toy-goy Gordon Brown

Most voters in the UK would have no idea what “LFI” and “CFI” are and do, but you can be sure that every member of parliament is well aware. You do not get to the top in British politics without groveling hard and long before Jews, Britain’s richest and most selfish ethnic group. Jews like Levy, Abrahams and “Sir” Ronald Cohen, Gordon Brown’s chief financial backer, aren’t funding the Labour and Conservative parties out of the goodness of their goy-loving hearts: it’s a yid pro quo. Jews supply the cash, goys obey the orders. The same rule applies in the US with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the same hysteria greets any attempt to put Jewish power under scrutiny. Recall that Melanie Phillips wailed about “Walt and Mearsheimer”, authors of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (2007), being “given a respectful hearing” and having “their calumnies broadcast on the BBC.”

But who is really broadcasting calumnies and peddling caricatures here? Phillips, Pollard and the rest of the hysterical Jewish chorus obviously believe that the goyim are programmed for pogrom and that this “progromming” is always ready to run. If any caring, sharing anti-racist gentiles are reading this, you should recognize that Jews regard you in the same way as they regard knuckle-dragging neo-Nazis like me and Simon Sheppard. All goys are dangerous and all goys have to be kept under control:

Just the other week I was telling a secular, leftist Jew of my acquaintance, a man in his late sixties, about my idea that the only way to make ourselves safe from the specter of domestic Moslem terrorism is to deport all jihad-supporting Moslems from this country. He replied with emotion that if America deported Moslem fundamentalists, it would immediately start doing the same thing to Jews as well. “It’s frightening, it’s scary,” he said heatedly, as if the Jews were already on the verge of being rounded up. In the eyes of this normally phlegmatic and easy-going man, America is just a shout away from the mass persecution, detention, and even physical expulsion of Jews. Given the wildly overwrought suspicions that some Jews harbor about the American Christian majority who are in fact the Jews’ best friends in the world, it is not surprising that these Jews look at mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews.

The self-protective instinct to divide and weaken a potentially oppressive majority population may have served Jews well at certain times and places in the past when they truly were threatened. Under current circumstances – in America, the most philo-Semitic nation in the history of the world – it is both morally wrong and suicidal. Not only are the open-borders Jews urging policies harmful to America’s majority population, but, by doing so, they are surely triggering previously non-existent anti-Jewish feelings among them. The tragedy is that once a collective thought pattern gets deeply ingrained, as is the Jews’ historically understandable fear of gentiles, it takes on a life of its own and becomes immune to evidence and reason.... What this means is that in the minds of Jews, any desire on the part of gentiles to maintain an all-gentile country club, or any statement by a Christian, no matter how mild and civilized, that shows any concern about any aspects of the cultural and political influence of secular Jews in American life, is an expression of anti-Jewish bigotry that could easily lead to mass extermination, and therefore it must be ruthlessly suppressed. (“Why Jews Welcome Muslims”,, 22nd June 2004)

Abraham Foxman as Uncle Sam saying ‘I Hate You’

Abraham Foxman of the ADL

“Any criticism of Jews, however mild and civilized, must be ruthlessly suppressed” – that’s the rule that governs Jewish attitudes to the goyim. You can see it at work in Britain’s race laws and in the Anti-Defamation League’s on-going attempt to overturn the American First Amendment. An essential part of this assault on white freedoms is the alliance between Jews and blacks. You can see the alliance at work in yet another financial scandal involving Britain’s caring-sharing Labour party: £2.5m ($5m) have gone AWOL in the multi-culti empire overseen by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, and his chief race-hustler, Lee Jasper. And guess what kind of spider has been exposed at the heart of Jasper’s white-hating web?

Jasper benefactor given Mayor’s Cabinet role

A doctor who paid for the education of one of Lee Jasper’s children was appointed to Ken Livingstone’s advisory cabinet on the recommendation of Mr Jasper, who failed to declare his interest. In 2000, Mr Jasper backed the elevation of Richard Stone to the cabinet, where he became the Mayor’s “member for community relations”... Dr Stone acted as an adviser to the Macpherson inquiry into the killing of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. It was in the course of this work that Dr Stone and Mr Jasper first met and became friends. (The Evening Standard, 7th December 2007)

Dr Richard Stone Lee Jasper

“The Stone Ranger and Tonto” – L-R: Jewish benefactor
Richard Stone and his black protégé Jasper the Grasper

And why shouldn’t they have become friends? They have something very big in common: a desire to harm Whitey. Stone is president of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, which might as well be called the Vultures’ Council for Vegetarianism. Jews have no interest in racial equality at all: the ideal they strive for is Jews at the top, blacks and browns in the middle, whites at the bottom. Jasper is a Jewish tool in the struggle and no doubt if Stone’s role in the scandal becomes more prominent, there will be more shrieks of “Anti-Semitism!” There’s a vicious circle at work here: paranoid, self-pitying Jews regard criticism as proof that they are right to be paranoid and self-pitying. They therefore feel justified in doing the things – committing fraud, buying politicians – that get them criticized. David Abrahams is a good example of this Jewish psychology:

The real reason I wanted to remain anonymous was that I didn’t want Jewish money and the Labour Party being put together because this is what I feared would happen. People would say there’s a Jewish conspiracy. I didn’t come into Labour just to give them money. I give money to many good causes, to Jewish charities, not just to Labour. (The Jewish Chronicle, 7th December 2007)

Have you got that? Abrahams was worried about seeming to be part of a Jewish conspiracy. So he conspired to keep his donations secret while Jews called Levy, Triesman and Mendelsohn oversaw Labour’s finances. Now that he’s been exposed, other Jews are trying to pretend that his Jewishness is irrelevant to the story. But why would a man so concerned about helping Jews give so much money to Labour unless it were another way of helping Jews (including himself)?

‘Lord’ Levy laughing
‘Lord’ Levy laughing ‘Lord’ Levy laughing

“Sleazy does it! The yoke’s on you, goys!”
Mike Levy laughs at gentile justice

David Abrahams’ glory days as Blair ally

The elite drinks party took place at a central London hotel four years ago. David Abrahams, the property developer who Labour politicians are now so keen not to know, entered a room already packed with Cabinet ministers and the party’s most prized donors. Moments after arriving, Mr Abrahams was spotted across the crowded room by Lord Levy, the party’s chief fundraiser. The Labour peer immediately left his group and swept over to greet Mr Abrahams like a long-lost friend with none other than Tony Blair in tow... Mr Abrahams, a practising Jew, has strong links with Israel. He is provincial vice-chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, serves on the executive of the Trade Union Friends of Israel, and supports organisations including the Community Security Trust (a British charity set up to protect Jews living in the UK), Labour Friends of Israel, and Academic Friends of Israel. Earlier this year, he provided £250,000 [$500,000] to found a chair in International Politics of the Middle East at Warwick University. For many years, he has made regular trips to Israel with Trade Union Friends of Israel and earlier this year, in Britain, he met Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, whom he has also seen in Israel. His neighbours in Newcastle recall years ago that their road had to be closed for “security reasons” when the Israeli ambassador visited Mr Abrahams at his home. (The Daily Telegraph, 3rd December 2007)

Lord Triesman

“Lord” Triesman, a senior Labour Jew who denies
all knowledge of Abrahams’ secret donations

And guess what? There’s a scandal in Scotland too about political funding. Paul Green, who’s a “property developer” like Abrahams, generously donated money to Wendy Alexander, Labour leader in the Scottish parliament. But this was against funding law, because Green is a tax exile living in Jersey, one of the Channel islands. “Sir” Ronald Cohen is a tax exile too. If Green is Jewish like Cohen, which seems likely, we have the odd situation of extremely rich Jews who aren’t prepared to pay tax in Britain but are prepared to fund Britain’s politicians. Only it isn’t so odd when you think that paying tax doesn’t give you any special claim on politicians’ time and attention. Tax is an expense, not an investment.

Roman Abramovich ’Sir’ Philip Green Bernie Ecclestone

Three more Jewish philanthropists who don’t pay tax:
L-R: Roman Abramovich; “Sir” Philip Green; Bernie Ecclestone

And what are Abrahams’ tax affairs like? Perhaps he pays little or no tax too. Either way, this scandal is yet more proof of how Britain is run not for the benefit of whites but for the benefit of Jews. We don’t have a Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street but a shabbas goy. First it was Tony Blair, now it’s Gordon Brown. But there’s what might be called a Catch-20-Jew at work. When politicians are selected on their willingness to serve Jewish interests, competence and honesty are forgotten. Jew Labour’s incompetence and dishonesty have ensured that a big smash is ahead in Britain and the old, Jew-run order may not survive it. Nor may it survive the smash rapidly approaching in the US, thanks to the shabbas goy George W. Bush. Here’s hoping!


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