Luke O’Farrell earlier today     9th March 2008

Brave Jew World

The Enver is Nigh

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it – but let’s not do it, let’s not look after our own interests! After all, we’re white, members of an innately evil, vicious and exploitative race. We whites are the serpent in the ethnic Garden of Eden, the fork-tongued originators of all that is hateful and harmful in the world. Just imagine what a paradise it would be without us. No wars, no conflict, no racism – no bigotry or prejudice of any kind. Everyone would live in peace and harmony, sharing the blessings bestowed by Mother Nature. The rivers would run with milk and honey, the skies would fill with sweetly singing bluebirds. Lions would lie down with lambs, scorpions would refuse to sting, mosquitoes to bite.

Alas, the world isn’t white-free and our innate evil is still wreaking havoc. It causes oppression and pollution in China, forces blacks to rape and murder each other in Africa, creates typhoid, cholera and bubonic plague, makes toast land butter-side-down on a global basis. Yes, there’s no doubt about it: the white race truly is, in the resonant phrase of the Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag, “the cancer of human history.”

Susan Sontag at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 11/08/2003 Noel Ignatiev

“Let’s abolish this human cancer...”
L-R: Susan Sontag; Noël Ignatiev

Not that Sue’s the only Jewish intellectual to pursue that admirable white-bashing theme. There’s the former Harvard academic Noël Ignatiev too, with his crusading call for us to “Abolish the white race”, to “keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed – not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” Both Sue and Noël owe their insights to Karl Marx, the Jewish intellectual who taught us how to reach a better world by climbing a mountain or two of corpses and wading through a few rivers of blood. Britain’s not been left out: Marx-loving Margaret Hodge, our super, soar-away “Minister of Culture”, is a third white-bashing Jewish intellectual:

Margaret Hodge

“The Enver is nigh...”
Marxist Margaret Hodge

Proms not inclusive, says Hodge

The Proms attract too narrow a section of society, culture minister Margaret Hodge has suggested in a speech. [It was] one of several major cultural events many people did not feel comfortable attending, she said. In a speech to the IPPR think tank on Britishness, Heritage and the Arts, Mrs Hodge said a “shared sense of common cultural identity” was a key part of social integration and cohesion. She said she wanted to “challenge our sectors square on.”

“The audiences for some of many of our greatest cultural events – I’m thinking particularly of the Proms – is still a long way from demonstrating that people from different backgrounds feel at ease in being part of this,” she added. “I know this is not about making every audience completely representative, but if we claim great things for our sectors in terms of their power to bring people together, then we have a right to expect they will do that wherever they can.” She also suggested that British citizenship ceremonies be held in historic British buildings like castles, theatres and museums to help people “associate their new citizenship with key cultural icons.”

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, criticized the speech, saying: “I think Margaret Hodge is wrong. I think we want more things where people come together to celebrate Britishness and more occasions when people think the Union Jack is a great symbol of our Britishness, rather than sniping at it. It is a classic example of a Labour politician just not getting something.” (BBC News, 7th March 2008)

Margaret Hodge

“Hear and obey, goyim!”

Marxist Maggie again

The Proms, or Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC, are a festival of classical music. On the last night, gangs of feral Mozart aficionados, often high on drink and drugs, celebrate the occasion by going on sprees of mugging and assault, with the odd rape or murder thrown in for extra vibrancy. The clean-up takes weeks and the police bill is massive, even though officers are told to turn a blind eye to all but the most serious offences. Can you wonder that Margaret Hodge doesn’t think people are “comfortable attending”? No, hold on, I’m getting the Proms confused with the Notting Hill Carnival, London’s premier celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture. Let’s try again: on the last night of the Proms, gangs of feral Mozart aficionados wave Union Jacks and sing along to the music of Edward Elgar. There’s no need for a clean-up, there’s no police bill, and mugging, rape and murder are pretty thin on the ground. Non-existent, in fact. So the Mozart aficionados aren’t very feral, are they? No, the horrifying problem they present was summed up by the Jewish intellectual Jonathan Freedland after he visited South Africa:

Jew Jonathan Freedland

Would I see, at any point in nearly four weeks in the country, a white person serving a black person? I looked hard – at restaurants, at petrol stations, in bars, in shops, in banks. I never saw it. Not once. I looked at magazine covers and window-displays in clothing stores. White, white, white. Occasionally, there would be a token black face, usually very light-skinned. (The Guardian, 23rd February 2005)

That was the same horror that confronted Margaret Hodge: the Proms are white, white, white! And just like Susan Sontag, Hodge thinks that the cancer of whiteness needs treating with strong doses of ethnic vibrancy. She’s like Sue in other ways. Sontag was notoriously arrogant and autocratic. When Hodge was leader of Islington council in London, her arrogant and autocratic ways won her the nickname “Enver”, after the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha (pronounced “Hojja”). There was a big scandal while Hodge was leader: paedophile “carers” were abusing children with impunity in council-run care homes. One big reason for their impunity was that the abusers were homosexual and could not be challenged under Hodge’s politically correct Marxist regime. Her response to complaints by one of the victims was to smear him as an “an extremely disturbed person.” She later had to apologize, but neither the scandal nor the smear stopped her becoming “Minister for Children” under Tony Blair. Now she’s Minister for Culture under Gordon Brown, doing for culture what she did for child care. Just look at the repulsive jargon she used in her speech about the Proms: “challenge our sectors square on... we claim great things for our sectors in terms of their power to bring people together... associate their new citizenship with key cultural icons.”

Is there such a thing as a “cultural icon” that isn’t “key”? Does any PC harpy write clear, coherent prose? The answer to both questions is: No! But the corruption of PC has spread far beyond the self-proclaimed left. The Conservative leader, David Cameron, criticized Hodge for her comments on the Proms, but that was simply political point-scoring. He himself is happy to see Britain dismantled by mass immigration and multi-racialism. Here he is in conversation with Catalyst, the propaganda organ of the Commission for Flying Pigs (a.k.a. the Commission for Racial Equality):

Cameron became animated and amusing when expanding on his own ideas for establishing a more cohesive society. “We should celebrate the fact that we live in a multi-racial country, where all the different communities make a massive contribution to our success. My area (North Kensington, not Notting Hill) is fantastically multi-ethnic and a vibrant, wonderful part of Britain. I often do my Saturday shopping off the Golborne Road, which must be one of the most multi-ethnic streets in Britain.” (Loc. cit., 17th March 2006)

David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative party

Smarm offensive – David Cameron praises
“vibrant, wonderful” multi-racial Britain

Cameron’s spouting the same cliché-ridden PC jargon as Hodge and celebrating the same disaster: the ethnic cleansing of the white British from more and more of their homeland. He’s also lying: “all the different communities” do not “make a massive contribution to our success”, unless crime and fraud by groups like blacks and Muslims are regarded as massive contributions. Cameron and Hodge are alike in another very important way. She serves the interests of the Jewish race and so does he. Jews are one of Britain’s smallest ethnic minorities, but when Jews whistle, Britain’s white politicians come rushing up, yelping obsequiously, tails wagging, tongues flapping. Now that Labour are in power, the prime minister makes sycophantic speeches to Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) and the leader of the opposition makes sycophantic speeches to Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). If the Conservatives win the next election, it will be the other way around. What will not change is the stranglehold Jews have on British politics. LFI and CFI have it ASU – All Sewn Up. If you question whether it’s right that such a tiny minority should wield so much power through secretive lobby groups, you’ll be shrieked at for antisemitism, bigotry and hatred. You’ll also earn yourself a place in the voluminous files of a Jewish private militia called the Community Security Trust (CST).

Various Jewish journalists: Col 1, top-bottom: Matthew Norman of the Independent; David Aaronovitch of the Times; Daniel Finkelstein of the Times; Nick Cohen of the Observer and London Evening Standard; Col 2: Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail; Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian; Dominic Lawson of the Independent; Rabbi Lionel Blue, gay media pundit. Col 3: Howard Jacobson of the Independent; Geoffrey Alderman of the Guardian; Jenny Abramsky of BBC Radio; the late Bernard Levin of the Times; Col 4: Mark Damazer of BBC Radio; agony aunt Clare Rayner; Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail and Spectator; Stephen Powell of the Times and Spectator

“You’re under our thumbs, goyim!”

A few of Britain’s attractive Judeo-journos

The CST’s activities are undoubtedly illegal under British law, but the police don’t investigate it, they collaborate with it. And politicians don’t denounce it, they make sycophantic speeches at its annual dinner, promising to serve the Jewish agenda even harder in future. Here’s Cameron again, urging Britain to do what’s good for Jews, not what’s good for whites:

Halt Handouts to Muslim fanatics

David Cameron is to call for a ban on public handouts to Muslim extremists. And the Tory leader wants anyone who “rejects democracy” barred from sitting on public bodies. Last night he also called on the Government to step up action to keep extremist preachers out of Britain, saying: “Terrorist apologists should be kept out, full stop, period.”

Mr Cameron told a leading Jewish charity that too many fanatical groups were still getting public funding. He accused Labour ministers of “taking their eye off the ball” in the fight against extremism. In a speech to the Community Security Trust, which helps protect the Jewish community from anti-semitic attacks, he said: “The Government has allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds to local authorities to improve community cohesion. “But there are worrying signs that ministers have taken their eyes off the ball.”

L-R: Abdul Sherif, Siraj Ali; bottom L-R: Muhedin Ali, Ismail Abdurahman and Wahbi Mohammed

“O Brave Jew World, that hath such vibrants in it!”
Thanks to Jews’ love of immigration, we get suicide bombers

He cited examples of councils handing out cash for community projects that ended up going to extremist groups, including Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

“I will be making proposals to isolate extremists and make certain they cannot obtain public grants or get invited to sit on public bodies,” he said. “That won’t just apply to Islamic extremists. We will be equally vigilant in ensuring that groups linked to the BNP [British National Party] or animal rights militants are excluded too. The message should be clear – to those who reject democracy, to those who preach hate, to those who encourage violence: You are not part of the mainstream, you will not get public funding.”

Mr Cameron was speaking at CST’s annual fund-raising dinner in central London. More than 1,000 people attended the event, which was expected to raise thousands of pounds for the Jewish charity. CST monitors anti-semitic attacks and helps provide security for events and buildings in the Jewish community. It also liaises with police and the Government about security issues.

Praising the work of the charity, the Tory leader said: “Britain is still a relatively safe place but, as the CST’s latest report shows, Jews in this country are coming under increasing attack. The police and security services do a great job but, inevitably, they have many priorities and limited resources. That is why the Community Security Trust is so vital in providing that extra layer of vigilance that could, in certain circumstances, make the difference between life and death.”

New figures from CST last month showed that the number of violent assaults on Jews in the UK reached 114 last year, the highest since records began in 1984. (The Daily Express, 4th March 2008)

South Africa watches as Mugabe destroys Zimbabwe

“Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!”

Where Zimbabwe leads, South Africa will soon follow

As I pointed out in “Shoah and the Wail”, whites are the group most under attack in Britain. They’re being murdered, raped, and wounded year after year by the ethnic vibrants mass immigration has brought flooding in. By comparison, Jews are barely suffering at all. If David Cameron raised those facts, he’d be denounced as a “white supremacist” and racist. So he doesn’t raise them: instead, he sucks up to the group that will fund his rise to power and ensure friendly coverage for him in the media. Like Tony Blair, like Gordon Brown, he’s traitorous and unprincipled to the core, working hard to usher in a Brave Jew World in which Susan Sontag’s and Noël Ignatiev’s Marxist dreams come true: the cancer of human history is cut out, the white race is abolished, and we enter the rainbow paradise of racial harmony and equality we can see prefigured in Zimbabwe and South Africa.


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