Modesty and Morality

Kenneth McKilliam

Two thousand years ago the proud Roman historian Publius Cornelius Tacitus wrote his great book, Germania. Tacitus was used to the debauchery and loose living of the Roman world in which women were things to be used, and it was through these that he looks upon the German world. The word ‘German’ is a Celtic one and means ‘closely related’: in a sense a brother and sister. These people lived in Diutiskland, Gotland, or the land of God. Tacitus writes:

‘They were an unadulterated nation of people much alike, in spite of great numbers, blue eyed, of stubborn view, reddish blond hair, tall stature. Their posture was free and frank – their bravery defies wounds and death, their courage can grow into rage... a people without cunning or deceit.’

Tacitus praises the German woman. German idealism regarded the woman as holy, the mother of brave generations, a prophetess. The chastity of the German women is praised by Tacitus as “her highest adornment which, if abandoned, was never forgiven; not beauty, nor youth, nor wealth would find her a man.” Just think of what the sons of present day debauched tarts will think of their mothers, harridans who have sold their honour for Jewish gold on Hollywood’s casting couches.

Tacitus continues:

‘There were no laughs about vice and seduction and tolerance of corruption does not rank as timely with them... Only virgins entered into marriage, which is consummated only once, with the hope and pledge of the wife. Thus they receive only one man, as one body and one life, so that no thoughts reached beyond; the sensual desire portends no further, so that they love in him, the husband, as well as the marriage.’


‘They hold it a crime to limit the number of children or to kill any one of the new-born, and here good morals attain more than elsewhere good laws. Only late do young men learn of love; undiminished therefore is their masculine power... also they do not hurry to marry off their young girls. They possess the same fresh youthfulness and a similar tall stature. Equal in strength, they wed their young men and the children reflect the healthy and strong nature of their parents.

‘Very rare for such a numerous people is adultery, which is immediately punished by the husband... The solemn wedding ceremony reminds the wife from the beginning that she does not stand outside the male circle of interest and the changeable fortunes of war, that she becomes the companion of the husband in distress and danger and that she must share his fate in peace and war. This is the meaning of the team of oxen, the saddled horse and the offered weapons. In this spirit shall the wife live and die: what she received she must pass onto her children as undefiled and undamaged property, worthy to be received by a daughter-in-law and worthy to be passed on again to her children.’

Thus in Germania Tacitus praised our ancestors. It is an incomparable monument of honour to the Germanic race of which we are a part. The great Roman historian contrasts the corruption and total decay of the Roman culture with the health and high morality of the Germanic peoples: the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Celts and Vikings.

The ideal of a beautiful stable relationship for bringing up children in the world is enshrined in the Marriage Service of our ancient Book of Common Prayer compiled from earlier sources by Archbishop Cranmer. Here the man promises his lady that he will love, comfort, honour and keep her in sickness and in health as long as life shall last. He further declares: “With my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.” The woman, for her part, promises that she will have her man and hold him “from this day forth for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health to love, cherish and obey till death us do part.” Thus we find carried out the idea of the Germanic peoples.


If ever a person deserves our honour, reverence and respect it is she who has given us life, the progenitor of our race, and this same respect we must give to all our women who have been, or will be, the means of bringing our descendants into the world. We sincerely hope that our women will remain worthy of our respect.

Concerning other living creatures, I have watched the troops of Baboon on the banks of the Webi Schebelli River. The largest and most powerful male controls all the females and keeps off all other males. I have been in the villages of Africa. There the woman is the property of the male and serves all his needs. The male can have as many women as he can afford and therefore many children to carry on his name. Among the mixed breeds of mankind the woman takes a lowly place. The Muslim can have a plurality of wives as laid down by the Koran; wives cannot inherit the husband’s property and can be divorced merely by male declaration. The Hindu until recently burnt widows alive on the husband’s funeral pyre. The Chinese destroyed female children.

The sturdy yeomanry of ancient Rome had been destroyed by the influx of foreign elements from the Roman Empire bringing in strange cultures and religions, until it became the debauched society it became in the days of Tacitus. The same thing is happening in these islands of ours.

Elizabethan England, a talented and creative community, enticed the alien usurers to put this creativity to their own purposes and changes had to be made to accommodate these foreigners. With the creeping poverty, misgovernment, lawlessness and corruption in Africa and Asia now that the White man has left, the law, order and comparative wealth of the British Isles has attracted the aliens to crowd into the White man’s country, and alien laws have been passed by an unconcerned Parliament to accommodate them. All this has been done purposely by aliens who have gained control of our money and mass media.

If one wants to destroy a nation, one has to destroy its family life, and to destroy family life one must debauch the people and undermine their culture, their faith and morals. In Protocol XIV of the Protocols of Zion we read: “In countries known as progressive and enlightened, we have created a senseless, filthy and abominable literature.” In Protocol X we find: “We shall destroy among the Goyim the importance of the family and its educational value, and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, from the mob, handled by us, we will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing.”

Family life is the cement that binds the nation, and the strength of the family depends upon the respect, care and consideration of every member of the family for each other, the example of the parents being passed on to the children. This example has its basis in the culture of the nation. More particularly, the procreative operation by which new individuals are brought into the world is a sacred trust handed down to us by our ancestors, for this is the purpose of the gift of the sexual instinct; any misuse of this God-given gift is filthy, degenerate and worse than animal behaviour.

Therefore an enemy, to destroy our national life, must attack the family, destroy the sanctity of marriage, debauch the sexual instincts and destroy the individuality of the person.

To do this the enemy must attack the culture of the nation and attempt to show by ridicule and pseudo-science that this is outdated, and gain control of the education and information media, and more especially of the educators, religious teachers and mass informers. This entails the control of newspapers, journals, cinema advertising and television screen, and the training of clergy, teachers, journalists and librarians.


In Protocol II of the Protocols of Zion we read: “Through the press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade.” Protocol VII states that:

‘We must compel the government of the Goyim to take action in the direction favoured by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called Great Power – the Press, which with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already in our hands.’

The Khazar Jew-controlled Hollywood film industry sends out a constant stream of bottom-rate films illustrating lewdness, nude encounters, debauchery, bedroom sex and race-mixing which appeals to the lower instincts, in order to destroy the modesty and morals of our younger generation. Such debauchery is presented as “normal behaviour.” Tarts and roués presented as actors are used for this purpose. On Tuesday, 20th March 1984 a filthy film, Rudolph Valentino, was shown on Channel 4, based on a book written by Brad Steiger (not an Eskimo). This film showed masturbation, homosexuality and lewdness. The person placed in charge of this television outlet for our indoctrination and brain-washing by the government is one Jeremy Isaacs (not a Zulu). That self-appointed educator of the Goyim, Claire Raynor, referred on the television screen to the procreative act of our people as “just a giggle.” Some films show just what Negroes, Asiatics and half-castes can do to our women. Some items are presented as “education,” some as “entertainment.” Much money is made by the presenters of this debauchery and filth.

In the making of films, subliminal psychology is used. Scenes and activities are shown in the background which do not immediately register on the consciousness but are retained in the memory; the presentation can be increased at later showings. A naked White woman dancing with a Negro will be shown in the background. Such scenes will gradually be brought more to the foreground in later showings to accustom the viewer to such events and to change attitudes.

The same race of people gained control of the selection of items for presentation which are but undercover propaganda for the destruction of our modesty and morals. For our entertainment we have so-called “comics” with minds like cesspools making lewd sick jokes about our mothers, sisters and daughters. The sex act is made to cause the laughter (mostly canned) of mindless asses.

In our schools raw sex education is taught to our children by left-wing teachers, without reference to affection, care or responsibility – so essential to civilised society, and then these same people wring their hands at the number of under-age girls on ‘The Pill’ and the number of teenage girl one-parent families.

The “Welshman” Leo Abse, assisted by Archbishop Michael Ramsey, brought in the Act to make homosexuality acceptable, which is contrary to Holy Writ. The son of the manse and Liberal leader, David Steel, introduced the law to make the murder of unborn children acceptable. The clergy, the so-called guardians of our faith and morals, are useless, with Sodomite priests marrying Sodomites in their churches with the apparent approval of their bishops. If our ancestors came back they would regard us as degenerates.

There is only one answer to the present state of affairs, and that is racial segregation or separate development. Then the Asians and the Negroes can develop their own culture in their own countries at their own speed and take with them any ideas and customs of the White race which they feel of benefit to themselves. Thus we can develop along the lines laid down by our ancestors towards the ideals suitable to our own culture.

Appeared as ‘The Morality of our Race, Then and Now’ in Trumpet magazine, South Africa, February 2003

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