Professor William Shockley, 1910-1989, inventor of the transistor and winner of the 1956 Nobel prize for Physics: His views on race so incensed the so-called liberals that he had to be escorted by guards as he went to give lectures on campus.

‘Man is a mammal and subject to the same biological laws as other animals. All animals, including Man, have inheritable behavioural traits. The concept of complete environmental plasticity of human intelligence is a nonsensical wishful-thinking illusion.’

The Facts of Race

A supposedly intelligent person claimed that blacks are at least as intelligent as whites because they are so ‘innovative.’ His example was that blacks would take an old steel oil-drum (which whites considered to be rubbish) and turn it into something useful – a steel drum. Leaving aside whether or not a steel-drum band of muds is, in any way, shape or form, ‘useful,’ let’s look at his argument.

The white man had made the steel oil-drum as a means of transporting oil around the world. This involved creating an industrial technology, and developing mining industry to a point where oil wells could be sunk in the North Sea (or Gulf of Mexico), and crude oil successfully removed. Then a world-wide trading network had to be established. Let us gloss over the need for international economic transactions, international credit and banking, electronic money transfers, telephonic and satellite communications, and the stable economies and governments needed to make this possible.

Instead, let’s look at the need to produce oil tankers to transport the oil. The need for computers to navigate the ships, the level of technology needed to produce the ships, the schools needed to educate those who will serve on the ships, the engineering skills and training for those making them.

Let us now think about the products kept going by the oil. The plastics, the chemicals, the cars, and so on. And all this on a world-wide scale, over generations. And we haven’t even touched on road and rail systems, intensive farming and refrigeration to feed those in the industrialised cities, the factories, the building trade, power generation, written and computerised record keeping, or a thousand and one other things, all associated with the world oil production and trade.

And of all this, the oil drum is a minor by-product, a practical but simple and fairly primitive form of storage whilst in temporary transit.

And if, by some chance or accident, one of these oil drums washes up on the shore of dusky Africa, what do the native inhabitants do? Use it in their own oil industry? No. Use it as a spring-board towards future development? No. They turn it upside-down and hit it with sticks! Call me pedantic, but that doesn’t make them my equal. Not one of the dozens of items I listed above has appeared in Africa, ever. Not even writing. A continent surrounded by ocean, watered by massive lakes and rivers, and the black natives never dreamt a sail. Thousands of miles of flat grasslands, and they never fashioned a wheel, nor domesticated animals. Surrounded by stone, they never constructed a building better than a hut. Acres of diamonds and the world’s largest gold fields, and they never glanced at them until shown their beauty by white men. And all this for tens of thousands of years, thousands of generations living with no change, no progress. But they are our equal.


And what of the rest of the world? When the Negro has been moved he has made no progress. Educated by whites, perhaps trained woud be a better description, as whenever he is left to his own devices he immediately falls back into barbarism, and destroys everything he has been given. Take the island of Haiti, in the West Indies. Settled by the French, and mainly French Nordics. In the 1700’s they had a system of public sanitation in the capital, water-flushed toilets and excellent public hygiene. Then came the French Revolution, and a ship full of muskets, gunpowder and musket balls arrived (it is still not known where from), to be handed out to runaway slaves, and the majority of the whites were butchered. Today, 200 years later, there is no public sanitation in Haiti, no sewage system beyond emptying buckets into the road, and hasn’t been from the day the blacks took over.

Not that it is just the Negro. The white man, especially the Nordic, has been the driving force in civilizing the globe, from the days of earliest antiquity down to the present. In South America, when Cortez arrived, he found a civilization in decay, practising massive levels of human sacrifice, embroiled in civil wars, many cities deserted, others decaying. Most of the great buildings were old. And the natives worshipped him as a god, because he looked just like how their history said the great culture-bearing gods looked – White, Aryan, Nordic! These culture-bearing gods had given them architecture, religion, agriculture, artwork, mathematics. They had either been driven out by jealous natives, or had merged with the native population. Progress halted, then went backwards, and the lower races waited for the whites to come back and save them.


The same legends survive in China. The founders of China were light-haired, bearded, and grey-eyed. Not Chinese! Burials have been found in Northern China and Siberia of these people. Not only white, but Nordic. As they died out, interbreeding with the Chinese, Chinese culture stagnated, then degenerated, and the world’s greatest empire became a colony of their neighbours – Indians, Japanese, Mongols, later the European powers.

Japan has a large Aryan element in their population; indeed the southern islands of Japan were mostly white only a few hundred years ago. Perhaps this explains why the Japanese are undoubtedly the most intelligent and civilized of the Asian peoples? India’s Hindu empires were the results of conquest by Aryan invaders, and all Middle Eastern civilizations were Aryan, including Egypt, despite claims that the Pharaohs were black. The only blacks building pyramids were thousands of toiling slaves who interbred with the white Egyptians, eventually destroying that civilization as they did with Rome, Persia, and most other ancient empires.


The Aryan is the standard bearer of civilization. Without us, the world will decay and collapse. With us, all races have a secure future. These facts of life, which are the facts of race, must be learnt by us all before it is too late. A polluted race can never be reborn. We must fight, and we must win, regardless of odds, because if we don’t we will die, and there is no doubt of this at all.

Source and authorship unknown

“Dr. Montagu, who composed the UNESCO Statement on Race, has again skillfully trimmed the facts of anthropology to fit the Liberal propaganda line. Every anthropologist knows, for example, that aborigines in Australia propagated their species for a hundred thousand years without ever suspecting that pregnancy might be a consequence of sexual intercourse. Equally striking evidence of intellectual capacity is provided by the many peoples that never discovered how to kindle a fire or plant a seed. But Dr. Montagu, after making a great show of cautious objectivity, proclaims that ‘anthropologists are unable to find any evidence’ of ‘significant differences in mental capacity’ between ‘ethnic groups.’ If you can tell such whoppers with a straight face, you too can ask the ‘United Nations’ to recognize your right to largesse from the pockets of American taxpayers.” Revilo Oliver reviewing Ashley Montagu’s Man: His First Million Years in National Review, November 2, 1957. Note that Montagu can be indentified as a Jew by his behaviour alone. (He was born Israel Ehrenberg.)

Is it pure coincidence that the most vocal opponents of sociobiology – Richard Lewontin, Stephen Gould, Steven Rose and Leon Kamin – were Jews? Thomas Jackson reviewing Defenders of the Truth in American Renaissance 11/9 (Sept. 2000).

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