Suriname Jews examining a Torah scroll in the Neve Shalom Synagogue

The Chosen Strategy

More Jewish Problems: Different Kinds of Jews


A dictionary will tell you that a race in this context is a variety of the human species characterized by various physical features such as skin color, hair color and texture, body shape and size, eye color, and so on. Anthropologists have divided human beings into several races, such as the Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid, African pygmy, and American Indian. Race is a genetic classification; one is born into a race and is of a certain race or mixed race because of one’s ancestors.One can covert into a religion, but one cannot change one’s race.

Jews are therefore not a race. Jews are members of a religion, Judaism. There was at one time a Hebrew nation that was an ethnic group, but since ancient times the scattering of Jews throughout the world and intermarriage and conversions have made the Hebrew origin less a genetic and more a spiritual tie. There is also a culture tied to the religion and its laws regarding diet, the Sabbath, and various rituals, along with cultural practices picked up in various locations that are ‘Jewish’ by coincidence. But there is no ‘Jewish race’...

Traditionally, hatred of Jews in Europe was labeled ‘anti-Semitic,’ but it’s now time to junk that anachronistic label. Many Jews are not of Semitic origin, and the Arabs are also Semites. The hatred of Jews and discrimination against Jews should be called simply that, with no reference to the Semitic origins of the Israelites.

Dr. F. E. Foldvary, ‘Zionism and Race’

Ethiopean Jews with Torah

‘Laura Tauber of San Diego, part of the Operation Promise Leadership Mission, meets Ethiopian Jews at the airport in Addis Ababa before traveling with them on a flight to Israel, where they will begin new lives.’, 8 February 2006

‘Susan Stern of New York, a member of the Operation Promise Leadership Mission delegation, visits with a young Ethiopian Jew on board a flight from Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv.’, 8 February 2006

‘Rabbi Steven Foster of Colorado, a member of the Operation Promise Leadership Mission, visits with an Ethiopian Jewish family after their arrival in Tel Aviv early Wednesday morning. Approximately 150 immigrants enjoyed sandwiches at Ben Gurion Airport after their arrival.’, 8 February 2006

The word testament means ‘covenant’ or ‘mutual agreement between two parties.’ The Old Testament is therefore the history of the mutual agreement between God and His Chosen People, with God having chosen them and arranged the terms.

The history begins with ADAM. Before he sinned, God offered Adam the gift of His friendship, which Adam accepted. God also gave Adam great gifts of soul and body: Intellect, will-power, perfect control over his instincts and passions, and freedom from physical illness and death. All the gifts, including that of God’s friendship, were given to Adam as being the progenitor of the human race, and were therefore all to be passed on to all of Adam’s descendants. All the gifts were unmerited, on Adam’s part and on that of his descendants.

Adam’s sin was not solely one of disobedient eating of a particular type of fruit. The gravity of sin is measured, in part, by the dignity of the person sinned against. Adam’s sin – the Original Sin of the human race – was an immense act of pride, of revolt against the omnipotent God Who had created the entire universe, including Adam himself, and Who, by His Will, prevented His entire creation from falling back into nothingness. The punishment for Adam was the loss of all the gifts; and since Adam had sinned in his capacity as the progenitor, all his descendants were likewise to be deprived of all the gifts. (Although Adam’s wife, Eve, had committed the same sin as Adam, she was taken to be one of Adam’s descendants, because she had not been created separately from him but had been taken out of his side, and therefore, her sin was not the Original Sin.) What a catastrophic situation!

However, even before Adam and Eve had been escorted out of the garden of delights, God promised them that He would, in the fullness of time, send to the human race a Redeemer, Who would make reparation for the Original Sin and for all subsequent human sins. This is the interpretation given by the early Fathers of the Catholic Church, of Genesis 3:15. The ‘woman’ therein referred to would be the Virgin Mary, and her ‘seed,’ the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Eve had been guilty of enticing Adam to commit the Original Sin, but the Virgin Mary was to repair for that by consenting, in her humility and obedience, to bring forth the Redeemer. The Virgin Mary is called by the Church the NEW EVE, and her Son, the NEW ADAM.

The Jewish people were to be God’s Chosen People because out of their race was to come the Redeemer; but He was to redeem not only their race but the entire human race. Because they rejected and still reject the Redeemer they are, as a race, no longer God’s Chosen People.

Maureen Day
January 2015

‘The Jewish identity of the Jin family, a kind of Chinese version of the Ethiopian Falashmura (descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity), has been passed on from one generation to the next. About 150 years ago there was still an ancient Jewish-Chinese community in Kaifeng, descendants of Jews who apparently arrived from India via the Silk Route. However, after 1860 – when the synagogue was destroyed because the Yellow River overflowed – the community disintegrated and assimilated into local society.’ 1 July 2005

Kaifeng Jews, 2002

The Jews say they are a chosen people – the Chosen People of some Big Jew up in the sky – and they have gotten millions of unthinking Christians to accept this arrant nonsense without so much as batting an eye. They have flim-flammed and bamboozled the gullible goyimjust as did the weavers of the Emperor’s new clothes! A brazen swindle that would otherwise be perfectly plain to even the smallest child escapes adult minds which have been corrupted and beclouded by Semitic hoodoo...

There is no such thing as ‘chosenness.’ Nature, as the sovereign manifestation of the Almighty here on Earth, does not play favorites. She does not choose anyone. Period. She merely sets up a playing field, in which races and peoples compete to prove their worthiness and fitness for life on this planet. She rewards the strong, the wise and the intelligent and punishes the weak, the foolish and the stupid. Her Providence favors those who obey Her iron-clad laws and punishes those who do not.

This applies to everyone – whether Jew or Gentile, red or yellow, black or white – indeed to every living creature. The process by which this occurs is called natural selection. It is the way of the Eternal in the physical realm of Time and Space. It is the unfolding of the Divine Will here on Earth.

All who wish to stake their claim in the struggle for existence are free to do so. Nature’s contest, however, is not rigged. There is no pre-set outcome – nor are special Divine perks reserved for those delusional supremacists who fancy themselves to be ‘Chosen’!

Matt Koehl, ‘The Greatest Hoax of All Time’

Yemeni Jews. Right: ‘Jewish Agency brings 17 Yemenite Jews to safety in Israel.’ 14 August 2013

Carol Lowenstein, Israeli entrant to the Miss World competition, Nigeria 2002: ‘The girl on the right is an Israeli Jewess whose family doubtless migrated from northern Europe.’

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