When the body was first made, all parts wanted to be boss. Brain said I am the boss, as I control everything. Feet said we should be boss, we carry him about and get him to the position he wants. Hands said we must be boss, we do all the work and earn the money.
     And so it went on – heart, lungs, eyes – until finally, arsehole spoke up. All the other parts laughed at the idea of arsehole being the boss, so arsehole went on strike, blocked itself up and refused to work.
      Within a short time brain became fevered, eyes became crossed, hands became clenched, feet twitched, heart and lungs were struggling – so they decided that arsehole should be boss – the motion was passed.
     So now all the other parts of the body did all the work while arsehole, as the boss, just sat and passed out a load of shit.
     The moral of this story is:–

You don’t need a brain to be boss, just an arsehole.

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