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An essay on a pivotal issue of our era

From GANPAC BRIEF, “News and Views by Hans Schmidt”
No. 165, July 1996 and No. 166, August 1996

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This paper has been written for the benefit of those who, like the American conservative William Buckley, have been in search of anti-Semitism. Upon reading the enclosed material they may come to rest. They have found it here.

The problem with understanding anti-Semitism is that it is only through our Jewish dominated intelligentsia and media of mass communication that anti-Semitism is presented and explained. Only that anti-Jewish material which portrays anti-Semitism in a negative light is presented to the public. Responsible and substantive anti-Semitism is vigorously suppressed. Those who would oppose and criticize the Jews and their agendas are demonized and terrorized into silence. Their speech is said to be “hate speech,” and this “hate speech” should not be allowed public expression. Little wonder that one must search intensely to find anti-Semitism.

But unless one understands the Jewish question it is impossible to understand what has been happening in America and in Europe during the past century.

Because the viewpoints expressed here cannot receive a fair public forum under present conditions, this paper has been mailed to many thousands of politically active conservatives and to persons in government, academia, and the media of mass communication. Names were selected at random from various lists.


Today in America (and in the rest of the world) the Jews enjoy a very favorable image. They are generally viewed as a religious or ethnic group which struggles for “civil rights” because they have been unjustly persecuted throughout the centuries by evil and prejudiced Gentiles (non-Jews). This view stands in stark contrast to the way in which they have been perceived virtually everywhere throughout the centuries. To the Romans they were hostis humani generis (an enemy of the human race), and even Shakespeare depicts them very negatively in his works. Their almost universal reputation has been that they are a sleazy, Gypsy-like people who are compulsive liars and unethical to the core. They have been viewed as being vulgar, shameless, aggressive, imposing, domineering, shrewd, verbal, dishonest, money-grubbing, and exploitative of the decency and civility of Gentiles. It has been said that whatever the Jews touch becomes putrid.

But how is it that their present reputation differs so markedly? It can only be because of one of three reasons. Perhaps all those people, in all those places, throughout all that time misperceived them. Or, perhaps, the Jews have changed their national character and their ways in recent times. Or, it may be that through their domination of the media of mass communication and the educational establishment the Jews have created and projected a false image of themselves as an innocent and highly moral ethnic/religious group which, because of the evil in the rest of mankind, is constantly and unjustly being persecuted.

Generally, anti-Semites view the Jews as a national/racial/religious group which came to Europe from the Middle East over the past two thousand years. In spite of the fact that their original national and racial qualities have been altered considerably over the centuries by their cultural and biological mixing with various European populations, they remain, essentially, an Eastern, non-European people.

From early on the Jews incorporated into their culture techniques which worked to assure their social cohesion and which served them in handling the Gentile host peoples. Throughout the centuries they lived within their own communities (ghettos) and emphasized certain cultural and racial characteristics which set them apart from the Gentiles. This was their primary defense against their being assimilated into the host population.

Most nations foster patriotism and nationalism mainly by developing mythologies which are stories which demonstrate the moral rectitude, accomplishments and heroism of the forefathers of the nation. Some nations which feel that they have been victimized by their stronger neighbors use the concept of victimization as a further means of fostering nationalism. But with a few nations the idea of victimization becomes an obsession and the central theme of their national existence and identity. Among these are the Serbians, the Armenians and the Jews.

As an essential part of their culture the Jews have possessed, right from their beginnings, an extensive mythology of how the Gentiles have persecuted them throughout the ages and how they still continue to do so. This mythology is embodied in the Jewish Scriptures and is tied in with their religion, and while religion is generally played down, this mythology is intensely emphasized. Most of these stories are based on real historical events but involve gross exaggerations and distortions of the reality and most are absurd beyond description, but they are taken seriously and are generally believed by the Jewish masses. Jewish children are taught, from the cradle on, how the goyim (barbarians) have persecuted, tortured and slaughtered them throughout the millennia. Their Scriptures are replete with horror stories of persecution and genocide, and a large number of their religious holidays commemorate either a slaughter or an escape from a slaughter. Many of these stories are presented with the most gory of detail, enough at least to strike terror into the heart of any child.

The functions which this mythology serves the Jews are many, the most important and obvious of which are to develop a siege mentality and to inspire a certain kind of all consuming nationalism which is based on fear and distrust of all Gentile peoples. This then inspires a sense of togetherness and is the glue which has held them together through two thousand years of the Diaspora. This deeply rooted fear then translates into hatred of Gentile people and all that is Gentile. The Jew becomes a highly nationalistic and politically obsessed creature who feels he must control and subdue the Gentile. He becomes intensely conscious of what is the Jewish “party line” and goes through life intensely conscious of what is “ours” and what is “theirs.” What is “theirs,” of course, is hateful and negative and must be destroyed.

Every aspect of the Gentile’s existence becomes an object of scorn and disdain. The Gentile’s way of life, his values, his art, his science, his music, his fashions and even his biological makeup must be attacked and destroyed. Whatever the Gentile culture asserts, the Jew negates. Throughout history the Jews have been accused of being “nation wreckers,” “parasites,” “defilers of culture,” and “destroyers of the white race.” They are truly “the ultimate hate group,” and “the eternal enemy of mankind.”

In the latest Balkan war the Serbians used artillery and bulldozers to physically obliterate their enemies, the demons of their mythology. The world has been witness to how a people who create myths which inspire fear and hatred can become like the demons in their mythology. But the Jews, unable to use artillery and bulldozers against their hated enemies, employ the only possible means open to them: subversion. It is not the kind of subversion where Jewish leaders sit around and consciously conspire as to how they are going to do in the goyim. Rather, what happens is that the Jews, like all peoples, develop common understandings among themselves which are based on their national character and their common experience. The bulk of these understandings and orientations are not articulated and are communicated mainly by cues and symbols and operate to a good degree on the semi-conscious and subconscious levels.

It is mainly through infiltration and domination of the mind controlling, character molding media of mass communication and domination of the major universities that the Jews levy their attacks on the oblivious Gentile and his civilization. While they themselves have nothing but contempt for the lower classes and the “schwartzes” (Negroes), they display righteous indignation over the terrible injustices of the existing society and shroud themselves in a veil of pretense that they are an angelic bunch who are out to promote justice, equality and goodness. Their approach is to recruit every group in the population which may help them overthrow the dominant establishment. The poor and the rough working classes are the primary groups which the Jews use toward this end. They also whisper into the ears of the females, pitting them against their own men. Then, other racial types are whipped up into the stew. And finally they exploit the natural tendency of youth to rebel, and, in the universities, they turn the children of the Gentiles against their own parents, society and race.

All along they attack the Gentile personally by exploiting his sense of decency and civility. They accuse him of possessing those very same traits which they themselves possess. The Gentile is told that he is a horrible person who is not only completely immoral but has something wrong with his mental processes. He is told that he is an oppressor of the poor and underprivileged and that he is “prejudiced,” “bigoted,” “racist,” “dictatorial,” “hate-filled,” “xenophobic,” “homophobic,” “mean-spirited,” and a “chauvinistic male pig.” After such a barrage, the hapless Gentile can only beg to do repentance by helping the Jews bring about the destruction of his own nation and his race.

In order to hide their true nature and to confuse the Gentiles, Jewish intellectuals have been deliberately causing confusion around the concepts of “nationality,” “ethnicity” and “race.” They start out by denying that there is such a thing as a core culture in America. “We are a multi-cultural society,” is the theme. ‘We are all Americans.” Recently they have taken to calling Negroes an “ethnic group.” Mongolians (Indians) from North and South America are “Latinos” or “Native Americans.” Race, it seems, has disappeared as a reality or a concept.

Reality can be denied, but it is still always there. There is a core culture and it is made up of 200 million of us white Americans of European descent. We are the true Americans. The Jews in this country are no more “Americans” than they are Russians when they live in Russia, or Germans when they live in Germany, or Poles when they live in Poland. They’ are not what we are, and we are not what they are. They are citizens of the United States, but they are not part of our nationality. They are physically distinct from Americans and are recognizable when seen in public or on television. Their nationality is Jewish. They are American Jews, and not Jewish-Americans.


For the past few hundred years the Jewish population concentrations were in Eastern Europe in countries such as Poland, Russia, Hungary, etc. But every country in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Americas had some Jewish representation. Their impact on the social, cultural and intellectual life was, during this period, relatively small. There were few Jews of any prominence from the time of the Renaissance to the 20th century. This period of great human advancement in science, culture and technology was dominated by white European males.

It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the world began to feel the impact of increasing Jewish activity. The Jew, Karl Marx, wrote Das Kapital and other Jews wrote the Communist Manifesto. The Jews of Russia imposed Bolshevism on the Russian people, and Jews throughout .the entire Western World labored to bring about the dictatorship of the proletariat. The idea here, apparently, was that the Communist party take over the entire world. If the Jews could continue to dominate the party, then the Jews would have achieved world rule.


Many people become confused over what seems to be a contradiction regarding the Jews. Jews are the quintessential capitalists. Yet, why do they support movements such as communism and socialism?

In the last century societal control and the bulk of all wealth in America and in Europe were in the hands of the Gentiles. These Gentiles had the Jews “spotted” and strongly resisted them. So the Jews turned to that element of society which could help them overthrow the ruling Gentile establishment, namely, the discontented working class masses. Communism was born.

In Communism we clearly have a doctrine which is the product of Jewish brains. In its assumptions and its methodology it reflects the Jews perfectly:

  1. A tiny dedicated minority can, through subversive means, control and rule a great oblivious majority.
  2. We stand for total revolution. We are committed to the complete overthrow of the existing political, economic, social and cultural order.
  3. When you control the mind, you control the body. We shall infiltrate the communications media and the universities. We shall brainwash our enemies in such a way that they will become our unwitting accomplices.
  4. To destroy the giant we shall pit its strength against itself, and we shall employ its strength to serve our own ends.
  5. Our agents shall infiltrate into the organs of the opposition. We shall create confusion in their camp and subvert them at their home base.
  6. We shall apply slow and persistent pressure, keeping a long range historical perspective. We shall destroy our enemy by eroding him to death.
  7. We shall operate strictly on a pragmatic basis ignoring the factors of principle, pride and personal dignity.
  8. When dealing with non-members all rules of morality are abrogated.
  9. Everything has only monetary (as opposed, we assume, to cultural or spiritual) value.
  10. We protect the underdog from the cruel individuals and groups in power.
  11. We are an international movement dedicated to achieving a “One World” organized in our scheme.
  12. We are what is “modern” and “progressive.” We are the wave of the future.

Today, the average educated American is unaware that the Jewish-Communist connection was a central issue during the Second World War and that the Germans felt that they were mainly fighting “Jewish Bolshevism.” That this fact has gone down the memory hole is a clear reflection of the power and efficacy of Jewish mind control over our society.

Jews in the United States

Large numbers of Jews first arrived in America with waves of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. Then, after World War II, once again large numbers began to arrive. Accurate figures on Jewish population matters are almost impossible to come by because the Jews manipulate the figures to serve their own political purposes. But at our best guess there are around six or seven million of them in the United States, or two and a half percent of the population.

Of those who came at the turn of the century most were without much education or wealth, but they immediately and almost unanimously emphasized higher education for their children. From among the newcomers, many began to make dramatic successes in business and finance while others began taking control of publishing houses, newspapers and the entertainment industries. Their presence was also felt in the universities.

Upon landing on this continent they began sizing up the situation while sneering at the host people and their culture. In charge of things were White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) who were rather unsophisticated, incredibly honest and naive and immersed in a child-like idealism and a Protestant ethic, all of which made them relatively easy prey. Laissez faire economic conditions and a booming economy made business opportunities boundless. Moreover, in both Europe and America they had almost unfettered access to a burgeoning media of mass communication as well as to institutions of higher learning. All this in a climate of broadening democracy and greater social, political and economic freedom. The time had come for the Jewish nation!

Their Communism had no chance of success with the Americans who were intensely religious and completely dedicated to democracy and free enterprise. So they focused on the dominant WASP male as their mortal enemy and began their long campaign to dominate him and destroy his society and culture.

Jews in the business world and in finance rapidly began to accumulate huge amounts of wealth. But even more importantly, some were buying up the media of mass communication while others were becoming producers, writers, reporters, editors and publishers. By the 1930s the Jews had a virtual monopoly of all of the major parts of the American media of mass communication. They also dominated the major media in Canada, South America, Western Europe, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt assumed power in 1933, Jewish influence in government and politics suddenly increased dramatically. They supported Roosevelt financially and with their media, and he, in turn, was sympathetic to them, their liberalism, and even their communism. The economic aspects of liberalism appealed strongly to a large majority of Americans and this is why liberals managed to dominate the government over the past several decades. All the while they were applying slow and persistent pressure through legislation and the courts in imposing their social agendas on a recalcitrant American public. Today it is becoming clear that most of these liberal social policies (particularly immigration policy) have done considerably more harm than good.

The Jewish Media

The Jews have dominated the major national news and entertainment media in the United States since about the turn of the century. Basically, they did it through ownership and then staffing the management with Jews and with Gentiles of their liking. The producers, those who provide the money for major media productions, are overwhelmingly Jewish. Gentile talent is readily exploited, but those Gentiles who are at the level of writers, reporters, actors and anchor men are all conscious of from where their bread is buttered and who their bosses are. Also, Jewish dominated businesses which advertise their products play a very important role in Jewish control of the media.

If all written material and every media production produced under Jewish control had a prominently placed Jewish star of David alongside its title, the American people would be appalled to see the extent of Jewish control of the media.

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post are all Jewish-owned and managed newspapers. Moreover, the majority of the major newspapers in cities of all sizes across the country are owned and managed by Jewish-owned corporations such as the Newhouse media empire (which has an estimated worth of eight billion dollars.)

As for television, NBC, ABC and CBS were all Jewish-owned and managed since their beginnings. Recently these networks have been bought up by large corporate conglomerates, but all three continue to be heavily Jewish managed. Recently, two Gentiles, Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch, have become national media moguls. They stand out because they are exceptions, though both of them may as well be Jewish. When CNN first started out it had a distinct Gentile flavor. Today it is shot through and through with the Jewish spirit. Rupert Murdoch, who is alleged to be a conservative, produces vulgarity and recently bankrolled a new “conservative” magazine which is managed mainly by Jews.

The movie industry in Hollywood, from its beginnings, has been virtually a Jewish monopoly. One outstanding exception here was Walt Disney Productions which recently has become dominated by Jews and now is replete with the Jewish spirit and vigorously pushes Jewish agendas.

The top three news magazines, Time, Newsweek and U S. News and World Report are Jewish-owned and managed, as are a whole range of other magazines from Vogue to House and Garden. Gentile owned and run magazines on your supermarket magazine rack are rare and lonely exceptions.

Large numbers of large publishing houses are Jewish-owned and/or managed. The three largest are Jewish-owned. They are Random House, Simon & Schuster and Time Inc.

From the beginning Jews had control of the recording industry. Steady and persistent pressure was put on the evolutionary direction of popular music and dance until they were no longer an expression of the soul of the white Europeans. They now reflect the soul of the Negro.

Jewish control in the media is used to promote Jewish political, social and cultural agendas. Because of the traditional moral standards and racial orientations of the American people the techniques have been subtle and the pressure relatively mild. But now that the public has been softened up sufficiently the subtlety is disappearing and the pressure is increasing. On television we regularly see things which are reaching the outer limits of moral depravity. Race-mixing themes are at a point where we will soon be watching Negroes and other non-whites making love to blond women. The sitcoms aimed at our children presently are regularly featuring male Mestizos (Indian and white mixed blood) and other dark types in romantic rapport with white teenage girls. The music, dance, grooming, dress and behavior of the popular culture of our young people have developed a very sleazy quality.

But the Jewish agenda goes far beyond moral depravity and race-mixing. A whole range of subtle and not so subtle themes are pushed. The orientations of Jewish Liberalism toward authority, discipline, femininity, masculinity, child-adult relationships, male-female relationships, beauty, ugliness, and the entire spectrum of traditional Western values are to be found in these productions.

Jewish Academia

In the universities the Jews were quickly becoming professors, heads of departments, deans and even college presidents. Throughout academia they were busy pushing certain doctrines and orientations and turning the “liberalism” of the period into Jewish Liberalism, which is the prevailing ideology on our campuses today. To be sure, they pushed their Communism which, in its goals, is almost identical to Jewish Liberalism. (The leveling of all class, gender and racial distinctions, leaving the Gentiles without a ruling class of their own.) Some politicians, including Senator Joseph McCarthy, complained about professors secretly advocating Communism. For this, the Jews attacked Senator McCarthy viciously and ultimately destroyed him politically. They continue to demonize him to this day.

The make-up of American higher education has changed radically over the past seventy years. Today, at major schools such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton Jews make up about thirty percent of the student body. Women and racial minorities are also strongly represented. White males of European descent, who previously made up about seventy to eighty percent of these schools, now make up about twenty-two percent.

The whole thing culminated in the 1960’s when the Jews on the campuses made their big move and openly led the stupid goyim in a vicious attack against their own culture and civilization. Almost all of the leaders of the counterculture movement were Jews.

Over the past few decades the liberal arts colleges and the schools of journalism of most American universities have been little more than indoctrination centers for Jewish Liberalism.

Jews, Jews, Everywhere

When the 1960’s came to a close, the American male was no longer in control of the social, cultural, intellectual, political and economic life of his country. He had been replaced by the Jews.

As we have indicated the basic source of Jewish power and influence is their domination of the media of mass communication and the universities. “When you control the mind, you control the body.” But Jews have infiltrated almost everywhere, and wherever they are they become the leaders and the bosses. In their businesses they surround themselves with Gentile women (whom they often exploit sexually) and non-whites. If they could have their way all white males would be relegated to being service people and common laborers. The only areas of our society where you do not find them in leadership positions are the Christian churches and the military, but this is not to say that these institutions have not been profoundly affected by Jewish Liberalism.

In law and in medicine, in education and in the stock and commodity markets, in real estate and in government bureaucracies, in the fashion world and in advertising, the Jews are not only there, but they are in positions of power and authority. They dominate and control the major nerve and power centers, not only in America, but in Europe as well. And everywhere they are pushing their Jewish agendas.

The CIA and the FBI have always been particularly problematic to the Jews. These agencies have been traditionally led and staffed by enthusiastically patriotic Americans who were “untouchable” and would fearlessly uncover everything from Jewish atomic and industrial spies to the financial and political machinations of international Jewry and Israel. Shortly after the death of their hated enemy, J. Edgar Hoover, they managed to subdue and infiltrate the FBI. Today they are working on the CIA, even to the point of putting a Jew in as director to “clean it up.”

Parenthetically here, we would like to have the reader try to imagine a situation where a small national minority of non-Jews who made up two and a half percent of the Israeli population would take over the Israeli media of mass communication and then also make up thirty percent of the major Israeli universities. This minority would also be an activist bunch and deeply involved in trying to socially engineer Israel’s society in every way, and particularly turn it into a multi-cultural, multi-racial society. Let us further imagine that the prime minister of Israel was surrounded by and was politically dependent upon this minority. Also, the Israeli Federal Reserve, the prime minister’s office of finance, the finance committee and the intelligence committee of the Knesset as well as the Mossad are all headed by members of this minority This situation would be totally impossible and is almost too absurd to imagine. Jews are not stupid goyim. But, needless to say, this is presently the situation in the United States under the Clinton administration.

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