An Amazing Parallel

An article from the ‘Science’ section of TIME magazine describes a situation in insect colonies which is duplicated almost perfectly in human society


Subversion Among the Ants

The U.S. South knows few worse pests than the tiny fire ant, an uninvited guest that came up from South America nearly 50 years ago and settled down for a long visit. The little insects bite people, raising painful lumps, attack livestock, nibble crops and foul up expensive farm machinery with their hard earthen nest mounds. For years nothing could check their spread: massive attacks with chemical dusts and sprays all failed. Now it looks as if the Department of Agriculture has finally found an answer to the curse of the fire ants: still smaller ants that seduce the fire ants into destroying themselves.

Social Parasite. Uruguayan scientists working for the department stumbled on the secret while they were searching for a fungus or a bacteria that might be fatal to fire ants. They discovered that in Uruguay, where the ants are native, they are no serious problem. Often they are so weak that they build flimsy nest mounds, which wash away in the rain. This suggested not an ant killer but a social parasite.

The nests contained various parasites, but the most important turned out to be another species of ants that live without concealment in the fortresses of the fierce fire ants and, by some mysterious influence, make their hosts support them in idle luxury. Usually, a few of the parasites cling to the fire ant queen by means of specially adapted mandibles that fit around her neck without hurting her. When a worker comes to feed her with regurgitated food, the parasites flutter their antennae, apparently conveying a compelling message that makes the worker feed the parasites instead of the queen.

The parasites that cling to the queen are females, and when she lays her eggs they lay eggs of their own. Dutifully, the fire ant workers care for both sets of eggs and raise the infant parasites just as tenderly as if they were young of their own species. The parasites thrive while their considerate hosts all but work themselves to death taking care of them. The fire ant economy is wrecked. The healthy parasites mate conveniently in the nest, and then fly away to subvert and weaken other fire ant colonies.

Biological Weapon. The parasites have been found only in association with fire ants. Apparently, they cannot live except when fed by the fire ants with their regurgitations. This dependence makes them promising as a potent biological weapon.

TIME, JUNE 11, 1965

The Biology of the Jewish Problem

The most depressing thing about the impending disaster facing Western civilization is the almost total lack of resistance on the part of those who will be the victims of the disaster. The men and women of the West, as if entranced or under the influence of some mind-numbing drug, not only are not doing anything to avert the cataclysm which lies ahead, but they are positively falling over themselves to aid and assist the engineers of that cataclysm in bringing it about. The murderer asks us for a knife with which to slit our throats and the throats of our children, and we hand him one with alacrity and enthusiasm, apologizing for not having done so sooner.

Ours is a situation which is so bizarre – so nightmarish – that it seems almost unreal. One must continually fight off the impulse tell oneself, “This can’t really be happening!” It may be helpful in coming to grips with our all too-real nightmare, therefore, to note that our situation, bizarre as it is, is not unique. There is a strikingly close parallel in the insect world.

The tiny but troublesome fire ant, native to South America but now beginning to become entrenched in wide areas of the southern United States as well, apparently has its own form of the Jewish problem! A fascinating report on the subject, bearing the utterly appropriate title “Subversion Among the Ants,” was published TIME magazine more than a decade ago and recently recalled to mind.

According to the report, scientists noted that in South America the fire ants were much less a problem for farmers than in the United States. Some unknown malady seemed to have robbed them of their natural fierceness, aggressiveness, and industriousness; in other words, the fire-ant “civilization” in South America had become terminally decadent.

When the scientists investigated further they traced the source of the fire-ant decadence to a social parasite – “another species of ants that live without concealment in the fortresses of the fierce fire ants and, by some mysterious influence, make their hosts support them in idle luxury.”

And what is this “mysterious influence,” this fire-ant liberalism, which blunts their xenophobic instinct and makes them tolerate the alien parasites in their midst? The scientists don’t know, but they say it is transmitted from the parasites to the hard-working fire ants by a fluttering of the parasites’ antennae, “apparently conveying a compelling message that makes the worker feed the parasites.”

Shades of Jewish television! So the ant-parasites do it with antennae too! But the message the media masters convey to us through our TV antennae compels us to do far more than feed their bloodsucking tribe. It robs us of memory of the past and concern for the future. It perverts all healthy instincts. It turns racial pride into sick guilt. It undermines racial solidarity and gives us in its place self-hatred. It makes us abandon our own natural interests and serve instead the interests of the alien parasites and all the racial dregs of the globe.

In other words, just as in the case of the ants, it seduces us into destroying ourselves.

Making the analogy more nearly perfect, we note that, according to the scientists, the parasites which wreck the fire-ant economy while fattening themselves “cannot live except when fed by the fire ants.” No more than Jews can live without their Gentile prey to feed on, for they are incomplete creatures, specially adapted by Nature to their parasitic role.

Thus, one never sees a Jewish bricklayer or a Jewish pipefitter, a Jewish lumberjack or a Jewish dirt farmer. Jews do not create – they consume; they manipulate; they buy and sell; they pander; they peddle pills; they mimic; they scheme and shuffle their papers; they sit in their offices and give advice (for a price); they advertise; they strut and prate before the TV cameras (their TV cameras); they scribble lies for the newspapers; they flood our libraries and our bookstores with worthless or poisonous books (which we foolishly praise to the skies); they sicken our children’s minds in the schools; they whisper advice into the ears of our politicians; they incite riots and lead demonstrations for “equality”; they judge us in our courts; they reveal our military secrets to our enemies; they own; they rent; they lend; they undermine; they subvert; they destroy.

But they do not, they will not, they cannot feed and house and clothe themselves through their own labor. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Jewish state of Israel itself, the very land of which was stolen from another people and which exists only through the wealth extorted from others, principally in Germany and the United States.

And if there is any value for us in the observation of this amazing parallel between the fire ants and ourselves it is this: we can see that perhaps our problem is more than a political or a social or an economic problem; perhaps it is, more than anything else, a biological problem.

If the Jews do as they do not through choice but because their inborn nature compels them, and if we respond to them for the same reason – just as the fire ants respond to the “Jewish” ants among them – then our problem assumes an altogether new and different aspect.

If our problem is essentially biological, then realizing this fact should not make us despair of finding a solution. On the contrary, what the Creator has done the Creator can undo. Our race, as the cutting edge of the Creator’s tool, can overcome all things and surpass all things, in time. But first must come understanding; first must come consciousness.

From Attack!, issue No. 50, 1977. Reproduced from The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid, Kevin Strom, editor, 1984, p. 81.

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