PC Sexuality

Harold Covington

Sometimes in this job, helpless to intervene or stop it, able only to offer an occasional few words of advice or comfort, I witness things which this system does which can only be called pure evil.

One of these events occurred in 1990-92 when a once strong and proud man named Phil H. was humiliated, destroyed, bankrupted, and his very soul violated and contaminated and desecrated by a woman whom, pathetically, he has to my knowledge never ceased to love to this very day.

Her disgraceful and vicious behavior in this matter cuts to the very heart of this whole dichotomy between White men and White women, not because it is excessive, but because it is typical. I could cite dozens of similar stories I’ve run across personally down the years, including several of my own, but Phil’s case I know a bit better than most because he got to be pretty regular pen and phone comrades and I got a play by play description as a White woman and lawyers and a court system run by Jews destroyed his life piece by shredded piece, in one of the most contemptible and egregious acts of betrayal I have ever observed on the part of any woman of any race.

Phil’s mistake was to acquire certain racial and religious beliefs along the line of Christian Identity. Since he lived in Idaho, one weekend he attended one of the gatherings at the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake – a legal political and religious assembly wherein constitutionally protected freedoms were exercised. (Take the bitter and ironic laughter as read.)

Security at Hayden Lake is completely non-existent, as anyone who has ever attended such a pow-wow can confirm, and every knees-up on Butler’s property is so heavily infiltrated with Federal agents, ADL spies, and undercover news media that there has been more than one documented case of them spying on one another, trying to entrap one another into illegal acts or gun deals, etc. One of the undercover reporters was snapping pictures and Phil’s face ended up on his local front page. I repeat – his photo at a completely legal gathering on private property, exercising freedoms clearly protected by the First Amendment.

In a pig’s eye. That photo turned his life into a blasted wasteland.

Phil’s wife of 12 years had been perfectly well aware of his racial views from the time they first met and it had never been a problem so long as the shekels flowed into her greedy little manicured hands at a prodigious rate, which for a time Phil was able to provide. However, about this time Phil’s business hit a slump and there were some other financial problems and the flow of goodies was sharply curtailed. About the same time wifey got involved in a fling with a local glitterati type, of which there are many in the Idaho Panhandle, some kind of ski bum I think this guy was. So she decided it’s time to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. She filed for divorce and, of course, Phil’s smiling mug at the AN gathering was the centerpiece of the festivities.

Phil sent me the actual legal papers on all this, and I think from this point on we can all fill in the blanks. Between his attorney and hers, his financial carcass was picked clean as a whistle. Over $100,000 ended up going to lawyers and assorted legal parasites alone. She forced him to liquidate his business and give her the entire proceeds. She ended up with (as I recall) something like $2,500 a month child support, an insane sum which the judge admitted she (of course) was awarding “to make sure that money goes to your wife and child and not to racist causes.” (Phil was never a member of AN and used to donate maybe the odd $5 or $10 to AN and to me every three months or so.)

But the worst of all was Phil’s child visitation rights, if such they may be called; this ruling is in fact a kind of ritual humiliation of the White and Christian fundamentalist male which is becoming all too common in the liberal court system today. Phil was allowed to see his 12 year-old son for something like two hours every two weeks, only at the county courthouse or police station in an interview room, only in the presence of the wife, and only in the presence of a police or county sheriff “community relations officer” to make sure that Phil did not (I’m quoting direct here) “attempt in any way or manner to instruct, indoctrinate, or propagate in the mind of [boy’s name] any doctrine or belief system of a racial, White supremist [sic] or Christian Identity nature.” Phil ran out of money about that time and has not been able to hire another lawyer to appeal, nor would it do any good if he did; his son is almost 18 now anyway.

Phil has spent the intervening years fighting back with a dignity and stubborn strength which excites my admiration and makes me wonder how many guys like him are out there. He understands and accepts that he cannot stop her and that he is helpless unless he wants to pick up a gun and “go postal,” the last tangible remedy left to him. He told me he considered it but decided he will not complete the destruction of his own life and his son’s by killing the bitch.

What he has done is the White male equivalent of passive resistance: he has simply done like Nancy Reagan advised and said “no.” He refuses to pay for his ex to disport herself with the ski bum and a subsequent string of lovers, apparently of both sexes and mixed races as she enjoys her “liberation” from Phil’s racist patriarchal shackles. He refuses to get a job and spends his days intermittently homeless and living in his car, when he has one, or in a boarding house when he is able to scrape up a little money collecting aluminum cans or doing odd jobs. This can get pretty dodgey in those terrible Idaho winters, but he manages, although sometimes he has to go as far as Boise to get admitted to a shelter when it’s really bad – but when the weather breaks he shoots right up to Coeur d’Alene again. He’s managed to sneak onto welfare a couple of times until they found out and tried to garnishee his benefits, so he canceled them.

Phil has been arrested at least twice that I know of and once did 30 days for contempt when he refused to get a job and pay his obscene child support. This was in the winter and when the judge hauled him back in front of her to berate and browbeat him he asked for another 30 days because the jail was heated and he got fed better there than he could feed himself homeless on the outside. She was so enraged she kicked him loose. The second time she tried to order the sheriff to put him on bread and water in an unheated cell, but the sheriff explained to her, gently and patiently, that torture is illegal in this country, even for White males, and refused, so she threw Phil out into the snow again. He was also busted a couple of times for “stalking” when he got caught near wifey’s home, but nothing ever came of it because the “stalking” consisted of wifey and the boy observing him panhandling or sleeping in a doorway on a public street.

His credo is now simple, and he has told it to the judge and anyone else who cares to listen. “She did this. She can live with the consequences. She gets nothing from me, not ever again. End of story.” To the question, “What about your son?” he answers, “I can’t give him money and material things, but I can give him a visible example of how a true man lives his life and stands up for what’s right no matter what it costs him. I think that will be more valuable to him than whatever benefit he might get from my money once she gets through spending most of it on herself and her latest toy boy or girl.”

I sure as hell hope that kid has the smarts to learn that lesson and not just be resentful because he can’t buy the latest Nintendo or Air Nigger athletic shoes.

Phil did one more thing. In 1992 he wrote a leaflet for me called “Politically Correct Sexuality.” This comes from the heart and soul of a really big man in every sense of the word. Sieg Heil, brother!

Politically Correct Sexuality

Guidelines to Acceptable Gender Attitudes and Relations under the Bill and Hillary Clinton Co-Presidency

Phil H.

RULE 1. Men and women are equal. Period. End of story. If anything, women are superior. No contradiction of this basic premise is allowed. None. Period. End of story. Any biological, physical, or practical facts which contradict this basic premise simply do not exist. Period. End of story. Any person, man or woman, who attempts to disagree or argue that there are innate biological, physical, or emotional differences between men and women must be shouted down and silenced by any means available.

RULE 2. For White heterosexual males, marriage is the only socially acceptable institution for the relief of innate biological sexual instincts. Sexual activity outside marriage for White males is sexist and shows disrespect for women. Sexual activity for White females outside marriage is liberating and shows independence and strength of character. Blacks of either gender may engage in any sexual behavior of any kind on an unlimited basis, without restraint or social reproof. (NB: Blacks are immune to criticism of any kind.)

RULE 3.For the duration of any sexual relationship before, during, and after marriage, the provision of relief for the man’s biological sex drive is entirely at the discretion of the woman. She says when, where, how, and is in full control. In most states nowadays, if she is displeased with her mate’s sexual, financial, or social performance, she may accuse him of marital rape and have him sent to prison for many years.

RULE 4. IMPORTANT: Women always tell the truth. Men always lie. No woman is ever guilty of anything. All men are always guilty of everything. Any accusation of physical or sexual abuse made by the woman against the man is to be believed, completely and without question, regardless of how improbable or bizarre the allegation. Any denial by the man, any attempt on his part to point out facts which do not conform to the woman’s version of events, any attempt to bring out any past falsehood or neurotic behavior on her part, is inadmissible and shall be disregarded, scorned, and shouted down.

RULE 5. The only White males who are entitled to credibility, responsible position in the community, or any rights at all are homosexuals. The duty of the heterosexual White male is to work hard, obey his woman, and to pay for everything. At all times he shall remain humble and maintain a respectful silence unless spoken to.

RULE 6. Women will receive the advantage in any dealings with the courts and the legal system. The theory behind this is that women have been traditionally disadvantaged and must therefore now receive preferential treatment, i.e. two wrongs make a right.

RULE 7. When children are involved, custody will almost always be granted to the mother, unless the mother shows up for court reeking of liquor, obviously stoned on drugs, or else raving mad and confined in a straitjacket. Sometimes she’ll even get custody under those conditions. If the mother is in a mental institution or serving a prison sentence for a felony conviction, the children will almost always be given to the mother’s relatives. Granting custody to the father is to be avoided at all costs in order to avoid preserving White Male Hegemony, whatever that is.

RULE 8. Any accusation of physical or sexual child abuse leveled by the woman against the man is to be believed without question. Great strides in jurisprudence have already been made in the legal disposition of child abuse and rape cases. Such tedious formalities as the Constitutional right to be confronted with one’s accuser, the right to cross-examine witnesses, the legal prohibition against hearsay evidence, the right to a speedy trial, the right not to be denied bail and not to have excessive bail imposed, and in some cases the right to trial by jury have already been done away with in many states. In the state of Washington the progressive legal concept of preventive detention without even a criminal charge is being implemented against White males who may offend against politically correct sexuality, while in Idaho a new hate crimes law defines ALL WOMEN as a politically protected minority, thus covering everyone except heterosexual White males against discrimination and “crimes of bias.”

It is to be hoped that under the enlightened rule of Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton, the whole time-consuming business of a trial for accused White male child abusers and rapists may be done away with altogether, and the process streamlined so that the accused man is arrested, immediately taken before a judge for sentencing, and then directly to prison. The victim of White male aggression has already suffered enough, and it is unjust that she be put through the ordeal of having to relive her nightmare in a courtroom. Besides, the savings to taxpayers alone argue strongly for such a progressive approach. The money saved can be used to feed the millions of starving people in Africa, or better yet, to bring them here to a new home and new life in America.

RULE 9. When the woman tires of the marriage and ends it, the man will be legally compelled to pay one third to one half of his NET income to support a wife and family who are no longer his and whom he may never see again, sometimes for as long as twenty-five or thirty years. If the man objects to this perpetual debt bondage, he is liable to be imprisoned for any length of time without trial, for contempt of court. Should the man revolt in despair against this life of perpetual impoverishment and financial slavery which becomes utterly unbearable, and take flight in a desperate attempt to find someplace where he can start over and possibly build another life and another family before he is too old to do so, then he is a dog, a cur, and he will be hunted down like the vile beast he is and punished with all the majestic wrath of American justice.

RULE 10. Women are born with an inalienable right to HAVE IT ALL: love, money, respect, subservience, obedience, children, career, adventure, romance, political power. Man exists on this earth solely to provide her with this wonderful, stress-free, disappointment-free life which is rightfully hers. She is Woman, hear her roar! All men are morally required to look like Robert Redford, earn a minimum of $300,000 per year, perform like a bull in bed when his woman is in the mood and never, ever make the slightest demand otherwise, and generally to fulfill every whim, every fantasy, every materialistic desire she may have. Men must treat her like a princess while respecting her as an equal – indeed, as a SUPERIOR being – and above all, they must LIKE it. Any White male who does not meet the above standard is a failure as a man and a wretch who almost certainly harbors secret right-wing, racist, sexist, homophobic, neo-Nazi criminal thoughts. Society must be protected from men like this.

A FINAL SOLUTION TO WHITE MALE DOMINATION. Anyone who voices even the mildest protest or dissent against any of the above is a right-winger, a sexist and a neo-Nazi. These people must be shouted down, intimidated, and silenced by any means available. As a long term solution, appropriate Federal legislation against this kind of hate crime must be enacted by the Co-Presidents and the new, progressive Democratic People’s Congress. Anti-social elements who persistently refuse to love all of the diverse peoples in America’s gorgeous mosaic must be removed from society and put into camps.

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