The Final, Final Solution to the Suspension Problem

Up for auction is a pair of broken Kef B200’s which could potentially be reconed. As my regular readers will know, the saga of this ill-fated pair of Kef 104aB’s, the second pair I have owned, was a long and traumatic one. They suffered a lingering death, after which ensued destruction and dismemberment. The tweeters went to Greece, the crossovers went to Slovenia, indeed only the lowly BD139’s stayed in Britain. It was a diaspora to rival any’s.

We are not here talking about the “suspension problem.” No, and what happened during this recent sad episode, only the blink of an eye past in the great scheme of things, is an enduring painful memory. I should spare you the details of that awful final solution.

But I won’t. The cabinets were stripped naked. They were abused. Finally they were carried lifeless to the big waste bins outside and tossed in like worthless refuse, as if they were but the swarf of some automated process. It evoked murder on an industrial scale, that cold and cruel end. Why did the heavens not darken? Where was God?

For we all know that the 104aB is immaculate in its reputation for fine sound. Followers sing its praises even today, and the immolation of these two Kefs is a heavy burden to bear. But no one bid on those penultimate remains, the cabinets. No one answered the cry for help. Perhaps one day you will say, “I stayed silent, and then they came for me.”

So this brings us to the final, final solution. The desecraton of these heavenly speakers has cast a blemish on us all, and I humbly implore you to acknowledge the shame of this terrible crime. Atonement is easy, and think of that precious sense of doing the right thing, the golden glow of virtue you will feel once this burden is lifted! All it takes is one bid. Just one, from each of my readers. Won’t you take that simple step, to make the world a better place?

One B200 is open circuit and the other exhibited the (don’t say it too loudly) “suspension problem.” I believe they can be posted for as little as £10, or collection from near York is possible. As with the cabinets, winning the auction and not turning up to collect them is okay, but YOU MUST PAY.

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