Kef 104aB loudspeaker parts for sale on eBay

Note: With correct suspension, the voice coil of a loudspeaker sits at dead centre of a permanent magnet. If the voice coil becomes displaced it can rub against its magnetic surround, producing a grating or buzzing sound. This is what is known as a “suspension problem.”
The Final Solution to the Suspension Problem

The ultimate indignity for the long-suffering victim in this shameful outbreak of Kefocide is to have his carcass auctioned off to the highest bidder on eBay. They say that body parts aren’t allowed on here, but I don’t believe it. This old gent went through a long, lingering death and untold suffering (but which has been described in great detail in a previous eBay listing). Lest anyone ever forget how he suffered, let me tell you again...

But no. Enough already. Before arriving at the site of his eventual demise, this poor sufferer (enough, already!) was cruelly abused with a can of black paint and a brutally wielded paintbrush. The perpetrator was another prisoner, who had become callous and insensitive as a result of her inhuman living conditions. It was an execrable paint-job that brought shame to the human race, an unprecedented crime for which we must all share responsibility. The desecration might have led to the calamity which followed, though here we reach into the realms of the mystical. Could the assault on the dignity of the old man have contributed to what is euphemistically called “the suspension problem”? We may never know. Of course the “suspension problem” has been endlessly debated, and it would be unwise to continue it here.

Seriously though, this pair of cabinets must be collected from near York, although it can be by courier if anyone wants them enough to pay for that. I have some large sheets of cardboard to wrap them. I’ve been told the paint will come off easily, in fact some came off just by applying packing tape to it. There is a light wood veneer underneath, and most of the paint is on top of the varnish, so it’s possible that with a bit of work they’ll come up lovely. The winning bidder is also welcome to two broken B200s (SP1039) fitted to the cabinets: one B200 is open circuit, the other buzzes.

In the absence of a buyer these remains are going to the ovens. So bid now or you’ll have the final solution on your conscience, and you’ll feel guilty for evermore. Bid now to escape the Curse of the Kefs! Winning the auction and not turning up to collect them is okay, but YOU MUST PAY.

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