Seeking Female Approval; Homosexual and Heterosexual Prostitution Compared

The case of Andrew Gillum led to discourse on ‘heterosexual prostitution and the feminist destruction of that important social institution’

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer website, 24 April 2020

Homosexuals are allowed to solicit prostitution with impunity, right out on their websites, while Backpage gets shut down even though coded language was used and everyone was trying to be reasonable about it.

That’s feminism for you, goyim: gays can have meth parties with hookers and face no consequences but you have to go to prison for engaging in normal heterosexual activities. Conservative woman Cindy McCain will be out there throwing rotting fruit at you for attempting to have sex outside of the rules of the feminist system.

It’s “human trafficking” when you run a website for female prostitutes to post their phone numbers (which is literally all that Backpage did, getting popular after Craigslist deleted its hooker section), but if it’s men, it’s not human trafficking. Because men are not humans, you see. Men are subhuman beasts that exist solely to work for the benefit of women.

If you want to have heterosexual sex, you have to become the indentured servant of some woman, devoting your entire life to being her plaything, which she is permitted to use and abuse however she wishes. But if at any time she decides she wants you to go to prison, you have to go to prison.

Gays also use their own version of Tinder (Grindr) as a place to sell drugs and solicit prostitution.

Meanwhile, you can be sent to prison for simply asking a girl if she will have sex with you in exchange for money.

Of course, you’re allowed to say “Sure, I’ll buy dinner and drinks at some expensive restaurant where a night of food and drinks costs more than the $100 a Backpage girl asks for, as long as you’re planning on coming back to my place.” That’s perfectly fine, because the woman doesn’t feel like a prostitute, and all of this is about maximizing her opinion of herself while also enriching her materially as much as possible. In that situation, the girl can also make it to the end of the night with you having fulfilled your end of the bargain and say “Nah, sorry, I’m really tired, I’m just going to go home, you can text me next weekend.”

What’s more, men have developed psychological derangement surrounding the issue of prostitution, due to the feminist system crushing their self-esteem. Having been raised by women, men will say “I don’t ever pay for sex” as if this is some kind of accomplishment. What are they actually saying when they brag about not paying for sex? They are saying “Women give me their approval when they have sex with me.” Why on earth should a man need the approval of a woman?

Well, because they are trained from infancy to need the approval of women. They need the approval of Mommy, the first tyrant, foremost. Then they need the approval of Teacher. In the man’s mind, due to these formative experiences, he associates very strongly the approval of women with his value, and so his sexual activities revolve around this. When a man brags about how a girl had sex with him for free, he is basically saying “Mommy told me I’m a very good boy.”

When men talk about how they “seduce” women, what they are actually talking about is how they got the woman to approve of them. It used to be that this approval was primarily based on social status and money, as the woman needed that from you. Well, now she has the state to give her money and to force companies to hire her to fake like she’s working, so she can go after other traits. What then happens is that women shape the behavior of all men, because men look at the men who are getting laid, and they copy their behavior. This has allowed women to completely redefine masculinity on a society-wide scale.

The basic idea that women have any ability at all to measure the value of a man, and thus confirm his value by having sex with him, is the purest feminist poison. Women will have sex with Harvey Weinstein, and send him texts about how much they love him. Women have sex with black people. They are attracted to tattoos, steroid usage and the dumbest, gayest fashion, as well as things like violent criminality.

Women approving of you is actually a sign that you are worthless. I’ve told men that I paid women for sex even when I didn’t because I was embarrassed at the idea of another man thinking I did something to get that bitch to approve of me (and I must have done it).

You basically have a total inversion of the natural order. Under the patriarchy, women were forced to form their behaviors around pleasing men. All women are natural whores, given the basic nature of evolutionary biology which drives them to have sex with the best men, but for thousands of years they suppressed this instinct, because if they went around like total whores no man would marry them. And they needed a man to marry them so they could eat.

The fact that homosexuals can openly run prostitution websites proves as an absolute matter of fact that the issue is not the protection of a prostitute (which violates their “My body, my choice” ideology anyway), the issue is maintaining an absolute lockdown on sex so that they can continue to shape the behavior of men by regulating who receives sex, and thus continue to shape society into what makes them most comfortable.

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