A Coronavirus Scrapbook

Collected by Scientist Sheppard, beginning of April 2020

Long-time correspondent Patrick from Massachusetts, Boston area, wrote at the end of March

I caught the coronavirus here which is a hot spot. The hospitals are so full here, that I agreed with my doctor to deal with it at my house unless I absolutely needed to go to a medical facility. I think this is what saved my life. It allowed me to drink liquids when I wanted without needing to ask permission. Took vitamin C. My whole body was permanently tensed into place for three days and I hallucinated for three days. I couldn’t move my leg into a 90 degree angle, my chest and stomach was permanently tense, arms could barely move. Forced myself to keep breathing, forced liquid protein down my throat, drank lots of coconut water. I forgot what year it was and where I was. I could only focus on one thing at a time. Could only focus on reaching for a drink when I reached for a drink. One thing at a time. After three days eventually my body and mind returned to normal and I could walk and bend normally again.

I think what is killing people is having to ask a nurse permission to meet their bodily needs.

This is kinda intense, but I don’t think it’s killing people, I think what’s killing people is dealing with this at a hospital. If people just deal with this at their houses then they can give their bodies what they need when their bodies need it.

I had a little fluid in my lungs but they didn’t fill completely. Maybe vitamin C helped with that. Also after I could move normally again I had a hot curry. I don’t know if that helped. My lungs are still sore though.

New York hospitals have reported improved outcomes with high dose vitamin C given intravenously. The long-term maximum intake of vitamin C by mouth is 2g/day but up to 8g/day has been taken for short periods, with side-effects. One gram (a quarter teaspoon of vitamin C in powder form) is taken with water.

It was a few months ago I think – time becoming a little hazy of late – that I had a profound revelation. I realised the value of doing nothing. Rather than fill every waking hour with activity or staring at a screen, forcing oneself to do nothing brings deeper insight. After you’ve made yourself sit still for long enough.

Vaccine obsession

I could write an essay about vaccines, and maybe later I will. They’re not a universal panacea. The first, obvious objection to vaccines is that it is the sick who should be treated, not the healthy. Almost every effective treatment has side-effects in at least some people.


A rare exception, incidentally, is moroxydine, which is unusually well-tolerated, and is (or was) available as an OTC preparation in France, Belgium and maybe elsewhere. There was a scandal in China in 2014 when several kindergardens were found to have been routinely giving moroxydine to the children to stop them becoming sick with colds and flu. If the children became sick the kindergarden lost attendance fees. In some cases the drug had been given since 2008 and perhaps two thousand children were involved. Eventually side-effects were reported but if you put hundreds of children in hospital and quiz them about every itch and symptom there’s bound to be plenty of reports. Moroxydine is famous for things going wrong, in this case using it improperly on young children.

Chinese morality

Apparently the general attitude in China is ‘If you can get away with it, it’s okay.’ In this philosophy, if someone is sold a fake expensive watch say, and the buyer is convinced he owns a genuine expensive watch, no harm is done. I suppose many people don’t know this, but the Chinese have traditionally been called the “Jews of the Orient” or “Jews of the East.” Plus, saving face seems to be the dominant concern.


The current situation is not entirely new. This “novel coronavirus” CoV-2 is actually dangerous new coronavirus No. 3. First was the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus which was first isolated from a Saudi national. Then was SARS (the virus now being denoted SARS-CoV-1) which came out of China. That led to about eight thousand deaths. The outbreak dissipated in part because the virus caused sickness before spreading much and it was contained. That virus reached a couple of dozen countries.

It’s almost as if there’s a psychopathic billionaire somewhere, like a character out of a James Bond film, intent on depopulating the planet, and getting better at it with each attempt. Even if the current virus turns out to be no worse than it appears, what will the next one be like?

Big hits and little hits

Several people have asked me about dose – whether the amount of virus they are exposed to makes a difference. The answer is Yes. There are other factors but generally with viruses, disease severity is in proportion to the initial viral load. A tiny hit will do little more than generate antibodies which, in the normal case, will develop into a degree of immunity in a couple of weeks. Such a small amount might be the typical quantity to leak through a face mask.

See this page about the great effectiveness of home-made face masks, from which the below image was taken.

Effectiveness of various materials for making face masks

One micron (1µm) is 1,000nm (nanometers). CoV-2 is about 120nm (0.12 microns).

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