The Direct Look and Pout Signals    

Psychology using sex difference as basis



This summary is from All About Women: What Big Sister Doesn’t Want You to Know. Sexual signals are given particular emphasis in the Procedural Analysis system because their evolutionary viability is obvious. Each of these signals is advantageous (it has a reason to exist, being employed to attract a mate) and heritable (has a means to exist, capable of being passed on to the progeny resulting from that union).

  • ACCIDENT. Things being dropped, bicycle accidents and similar mishaps
  • ASSENT. A female subtly conveys her decision to accept a male for sex
  • BLANCH. (m/f) A subtle involuntary facial signal indicating attraction
  • BODY POUT. A part of the female’s body is protruded or displayed
  • BRIGHTENING. The female stiffens and smiles as a target male nears
  • CHALLENGE. (m/f) A display of defiance; subtle and overt forms exist
  • COLLISION. The female attempts to intercept or collide with her target
  • DIRECT LOOK. Females tend to reserve direct eye contact for attraction
  • EMPTY GLASS. The gentle shake of an empty glass (‘Buy me a drink’)
  • EXAGGERATED LAUGHTER. Forced or over-enthusiastic laughter near a target
  • EXAGGERATED WALK. Typically, swinging of the hips while walking away
  • FERTILE. The female exhibits her fertile state, distinctively by a ‘bouncy’ walk
  • FOOT STAMP. The foot is stamped flat on the ground, audibly or inaudibly
  • FREEZING IN PLACE. The head may incline before freezing in position
  • GRIMACE RESPONSE. A female response to attention, as if in physical pain
  • HELPLESS FEMALE. The female directly inspires male caretaking instincts
  • HESITATION. Uncertainty is displayed in a course of action or direction
  • INCIDENTAL NOISES. Quiet hissing, tsk-tsk or clicking noises for example
  • INCIDENTAL TOUCHING. Subtle or overt brushes against a target male
  • JOSTLE. A male is aggressively nudged, often after he has failed to approach
  • LINGERING. Hovering around or near a target, usually on a pretext
  • LOOKING BACK. (m/f) A male or a female looks back over their shoulder
  • LOOKING FLUSTERED. While static the female appears agitated or disturbed
  • LOOKING SAD. The female appears forlorn as a target male passes
  • LOOKING THROUGH. The female is ‘caught’ with her legs slightly apart
  • LOOSE WOMAN. Waving a leg and arm simultaneously while inebriated
  • LOUD VERBAL UTTERANCE. A pronounced verbal utterance
  • NOT SAYING GOODBYE. Not saying goodbye can be a cue to a male to follow
  • OPEN LEGS. Probably the strongest signal a female can issue to a male
  • PERIPHERAL COMMENT. Something is said to which a target male might react
  • PLAYFUL ABANDON. Careless and playful attitudes indicating receptivity
  • POUT. The lips are protruded, sometimes in false displeasure
  • PREENING. The female adjusts herself in the presence of her target
  • RAPID LOOK AWAY. This both avoids direct eye contact and attracts attention
  • WAVE OF HAIR. (common) The Hair Flick. ‘I love me, you love me too’
  • WAVE OF KEYS. The target male is intended to follow
  • WIDE EYE. (common) The pupils dilate (peripheral vision); the eye widens

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