The Direct Look and Pout Signals    

The Science of Sex


From All About Women: What Big Sister Doesn't Want You to Know by Simon Sheppard.

  • ACCIDENT. Things being dropped, bicycle accidents and similar mishaps
  • ASSENT. A female subtly conveys her decision to accept a male for sex
  • BLANCH. (m/f) A subtle involuntary facial signal indicating attraction
  • BODY POUT. A part of the female's body is protruded or displayed
  • BRIGHTENING. The female stiffens and smiles as a target male nears
  • CHALLENGE. (m/f) A display of defiance; subtle and overt forms exist
  • COLLISION. The female attempts to intercept or collide with her target
  • DIRECT LOOK. Females tend to reserve direct eye contact for attraction
  • EMPTY GLASS. The gentle shake of an empty glass (‘Buy me a drink’)
  • EXAGGERATED LAUGHTER. Forced or over-enthusiastic laughter near a target
  • EXAGGERATED WALK. Typically, swinging of the hips while walking away
  • FERTILE. The female exhibits her fertile state, distinctively by a ‘bouncy’ walk
  • FOOT STAMP. The foot is stamped flat on the ground, audibly or inaudibly
  • FREEZING IN PLACE. The head may incline before freezing in position
  • GRIMACE RESPONSE. A female response to attention, as if in physical pain
  • HELPLESS FEMALE. The female directly inspires male caretaking instincts
  • HESITATION. Uncertainty is displayed in a course of action or direction
  • INCIDENTAL NOISES. Quiet hissing, tsk-tsk or clicking noises for example
  • INCIDENTAL TOUCHING. Subtle or overt brushes against a target male
  • JOSTLE. A male is aggressively nudged, often after he has failed to approach
  • LINGERING. Hovering around or near a target, usually on a pretext
  • LOOKING BACK. (m/f) A male or a female looks back over their shoulder
  • LOOKING FLUSTERED. While static the female appears agitated or disturbed
  • LOOKING SAD. The female appears forlorn as a target male passes
  • LOOKING THROUGH. The female is ‘caught’ with her legs slightly apart
  • LOOSE WOMAN. Waving a leg and arm simultaneously while inebriated
  • LOUD VERBAL UTTERANCE. A pronounced verbal utterance
  • NOT SAYING GOODBYE. Not saying goodbye can be a cue to a male to follow
  • OPEN LEGS. Probably the strongest signal a female can issue to a male
  • PERIPHERAL COMMENT. Something is said to which a target male might react
  • PLAYFUL ABANDON. Careless and playful attitudes indicating receptivity
  • POUT. The lips are protruded, sometimes in false displeasure
  • PREENING. The female adjusts herself in the presence of her target
  • RAPID LOOK AWAY. This both avoids direct eye contact and attracts attention
  • WAVE OF HAIR. (common) The Hair Flick. ‘I love me, you love me too’
  • WAVE OF KEYS. The target male is intended to follow
  • WIDE EYE. (common) The pupils dilate (peripheral vision); the eye widens

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