Luke O’Farrell earlier today     10 APRIL 2005

Masters of Unreality

Don’t Believe the Kike

Here’s an important question for you. Do you spend much time making models? If you say “No”, well, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Not only do you spend every waking moment of your life making models, your life has depended countless times on your ability to do so. That’s what your brain is for: making models using the information supplied to it by your sense organs.

I mean models of the world, of course. Our eyes and ears and nose and mouth and skin supply our brain with information about the world, and our brain creates a model of the world using that information. We have a virtual reality inside our heads, but there’s a very big and very important difference between reality and virtual reality. Reality can’t be false. Virtual reality – a model of reality – can be. Our sense organs can mislead us or we can misinterpret the data we receive.

We can also be lied to. Living things send signals to each other, and those signals are sometimes fake. Animals can pretend to be dangerous when they’re not: some harmless moths have yellow-and-black stripes and transparent wings like wasps, for example. Monkeys have special cries to warn each other of danger, but they sometimes use those cries deceitfully when they find food and want to frighten rivals away.

Those cries and that deceit used by monkeys are the start of two things that are fully developed in human beings: language and lying. Reality can’t be false: you can’t pour two pints of liquid into a one-pint container or drink cyanide and live. If you try, reality will stop you: you’ll spill some liquid or drop dead. But language, a model of reality, can be false:

Yesterday I poured two pints of cyanide into a one-pint container without spilling a drop and drank it without turning a hair.

Nothing stopped me writing that, but it contains its own contradiction: you know I’m lying because you know what I say violates reality. Sometimes language doesn’t contain its own contradiction:

Yesterday at six o’clock I poured some wine into a glass and drank it.

Am I lying or speaking the truth? Nothing in the language tells you: unlike reality, which depends on itself, language, a model of reality, can lie or play tricks. When the creator of the model has prestige and authority, those lies or tricks can affect huge numbers of people. In the nineteenth century the New York Sun claimed that the British astronomer Sir John Herschel had discovered a flourishing advanced civilization on the moon. The descriptions were so detailed and the prestige of the newspaper so great that readers accepted the story. In 1938, the actor Orson Welles created an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds that was broadcast over the radio as though a real program were being interrupted by news of an invasion from Mars.

The result was mass panic. Those false linguistic models of reality had influenced the beliefs and behavior of many thousands of people as though they were reality itself. Maybe we could call false language like that an unreality, but we should remember that language isn’t the only or the most powerful unreality used by human beings. We also create images, and images, as models of reality, can be false too. We can draw or make movies of fifty-foot ants and fire-breathing dragons, even though those things are impossible in reality.

But the fifty-foot ants and fire-breathing dragons seen on TV or in movies aren’t truly lies. They’re not created in a conscious attempt to deceive and manipulate, and no intelligent, well-informed adult believes they really exist. That isn’t true of certain other unrealities created by human beings. Here’s an example of a linguistic unreality:

Race does not exist and we’re all the same under the skin.

That’s a lie, and like my cyanide example it does in fact contain its own contradiction. But it’s a much subtler lie and much harder to refute. Many intelligent but ill-informed adults still accept it, partly because it’s backed up by much more powerful visual lies carrying the same message. Watch television for any length of time and you’ll see blacks, for example, doing things that in reality they don’t do, like make scientific and technological advances or exercise power wisely and compassionately over Whites.

And in fact television does not carry the message “Race does not exist and we are all the same under the skin.” No, it carries the message “Non-whites are better than whites.” It also carries the messages “Women are better than men” and “Sodomites are better than straight men.” Those messages are pumped into millions of homes right around the world every second of the day, and though they’re all lies, that doesn’t matter. Television isn’t reality, it’s only a model of reality. In a model of reality, you can make non-whites and women and sodomites better than Whites and men, and you can fool people into thinking that the real world is like that or should be like that.

Seeing is believing. Images are very powerful and people will believe images where they reject or ignore words. Liars are quick to recognize and exploit this fact of human psychology. When the Western media was clamoring for South Africa to be taken away from brutal racist Whites and given to gentle civilized blacks, Winnie Mandela, then the wife of Saint Nelson, was often shown on TV campaigning bravely for her oppressed people. In one broadcast, a White policeman launched an unprovoked attack on her in the street. Only he hadn’t. Even then some journalists were getting suspicious of Winnie – later unmasked as a very vicious and greedy crook – and this time the truth came out. Film taken from a different angle showed that she had jumped at the policeman, dragged him against herself and screamed that she was being attacked.

But how many times does something fraudulent like that get shown without the truth coming out? And how many times does something true not get shown because it doesn’t fit the agenda followed by television? The prestige of broadcasting stations and the unsurpassed power of images mean that television’s false, lying model of reality becomes the false, lying model of reality carried inside the brains of countless millions of Whites, guiding and controlling their beliefs and behavior.

Television, in short, is the most powerful tool of deceit and manipulation ever created. That’s why the world’s greatest liars and manipulators – those Masters of Unreality known as Jews – were so eager to get their hands on it once it had been invented by Whites. They already had firm control of those two other great tools of deceit and manipulation, newspapers and the movies, so they weren’t going to let TV slip through their greasy fingers.

And they didn’t: today the alphabet soup of TV is as kosher as gefilte fish. ABC, BBC, CBS, CBC, CNN, NBC and the rest – they’re all staffed and controlled by Jews, and they all pump out Jewish lies on race and sex, deceiving and manipulating Whites into accepting their own destruction. But YTV – Yid TV – doesn’t do that just by creating a false reality. No, suppressing reality is very important too. The reality of life in White nations today is that non-whites are constantly committing brutal and vicious crimes against Whites. YTV doesn’t model that reality, because Whites would be warned of the worse horrors lying ahead as non-whites grow in numbers and gain more and more power over Whites.

Instead, YTV creates a false model of the future, the multi-racial, pan-sexual paradise that awaits us once the Evil White Male is put where he belongs: on the rubbish-heap of history. This leaves us Evil White Males with a simple choice: to lie down or fight back.


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