Luke O’Farrell earlier today     20th MAY 2005

Sodomy = Death

Why “Gays” Are Like Racial AIDS

Cherchez la femme, the old saying went: “look for the woman” when you want to know where trouble has come from. Nowadays we’ve got a new saying: cherchez l’homme blanc, or “look for the white man.” Here’s some trouble: millions of blacks are dying of AIDS in Africa. That couldn’t possibly have anything to do with black behavior, so a white man must be responsible: the late Pope John-Paul II. Yep, his evil teaching against condoms was a death sentence for millions of innocent blacks who would otherwise have lived long, happy, productive lives. He’s up there with Hitler and Stalin Pinochet as a Slaughterer of the Innocent.

That was the line trotted out on the pope’s death by intellectual giants of the British left like Polly “Not a Yid but Ugly Enough” Toynbee of The Guardian and Johann “Oy veh! I’m Jewish and Gay” Hari of The Independent. Those millions of blacks hung on the pope’s every word, you see – even the non-Catholics. All he had to do was say “Condoms are okay” and they’d have used them and been saved from AIDS. But the evil Polack bastard didn’t and those poor trusting niggers were too dumb – the unspoken logic of patronizing Western liberals – to know better.

Well, I’ve got no brief for the Catholic church, because nowadays she’s part of our racial problems, not part of the solution, but that argument is complete nonsense. If you want someone to blame for deaths caused by AIDS, you don’t look at the pope and the Catholic church. In Africa, blacks themselves are responsible. In the West, liberals like Polly Toynbee and sodomites like Johann Hari are. Who brought AIDS to the West and spread it through mindless promiscuity and perverted sex? Sodomites did. Who pretended it was equally dangerous to everyone and prevented effective measures against it with their lying propaganda? Sodomites and their liberal allies did.

This means that the biggest cause of sodomite death and suffering has been none other than sodomites themselves. For all their shrieking and wailing about “homophobia” and “hate” and their attacks on the Catholic church and fundy Christians, if they want to see their real enemy – the biggest, meanest “gay”-bashers of all time – they just have to look in a mirror. It’s poetic justice, but unfortunately sodomites aren’t only a threat to themselves. They’re not just responsible for AIDS, in a racial sense they are AIDS. In White societies, they act like a racial virus: weakening our immune system and leaving us open to the infections of liberalism and mass immigration.

That makes sodomites a lot like Jews, which is why Jews like them so much and do so much to help them. Jews and sodomites are both parasitic: they can’t exist on their own, they need a society to leech off. Heterosexuality survives because heterosexuals have children; homosexuality also survives because heterosexuals have children. Sodomites need “straights”, in other words, but “straights” don’t need sodomites. Their resentment at this fact undoubtedly explains a lot of their hatred for heterosexuals and their attempts to corrupt and destroy heterosexual institutions like marriage.

The central fact of homosexuality is its sterility. Sodomites have sex for no higher purpose than their own pleasure, and so homosexuality goes perfectly with hedonistic individualism and selfishness. Sodomites are narcissistic and exhibitionist, which is why they’re attracted to professions like politics and acting – less and less distinguishable these days – and why they work so hard to support each other, regardless of race. When you’re a narcissist and your sexual identity is the center of your existence, you want to see that sexual identity reflected back from everything around you. Like feminists and Jews, sodomites are egomaniacs: all that matters to them is themselves, and they want to corrupt or destroy everything that’s different.

That’s why these three groups have worked together so closely over the past fifty years to undermine and destroy White nations – the very same nations that have given them more freedom and wealth than they ever had before. Letting Jews out of the ghetto, women out of the kitchen, and sodomites out of the “closet” were the biggest mistakes White men have ever made, but we should note that the mistake about Jews was the first and the biggest and led directly to the second and third. If Satan is Jewish – and he surely is – feminism and “gay” liberation are two prongs of the trident he’s thrusting into the heart of White civilization. The third prong is mass immigration. Feminism and “gay” liberation have stopped us having children, and mass immigration is about to make us a minority in our own nations.

If we want to survive, we’ll have to break all three prongs of that Jewish Satan’s trident: women back into the kitchen, sodomites back into the closet, and non-whites back outside our borders. Then we break the handle of the trident too: Jews back into the ghetto. That’s where the Catholic church kept them for so long, and her real crime was that she ever agreed to let them out.


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