Luke O’Farrell earlier today     7 OCTOBER 2005

Freedom of Screech

Non-white Cuckoos in the White Nest

The British media were celebrating some wonderful news in 2001: a report by “an independent health thinktank” called the King’s Fund said that 14.1% of doctors working in general surgery were non-white. That is roughly 200% – two hundred per cent – more than non-white representation in the general population, and a sure sign that the anti-racist recruitment policies of the National Health Service were working extremely well. Of all medical staff, 18.4% were non-white, an even more pleasing figure, and though it’s true that only 8.9% of consultants were non-white, that was still nearly double their representation in the general population, and another sure sign that the NHS was not discriminating against non-whites.

So here’s how Britain’s biggest liberal paper reported that independent health thinktank’s reaction to these very pleasing statistics:

The King’s Fund called on the NHS and professional bodies to introduce reforms to implement last year’s Race Relations Amendment Act. ... Leaders of the medical profession should do more to eliminate racism from medical schools and monitor the career paths of black and Asian doctors to make sure nobody was prevented by ethnicity or colour from reaching their full potential, the fund said. (The Guardian, 19th June 2001)

Oh dear, oh dear: so things weren’t so pleasing after all. But anyone who is surprised by that obviously doesn’t understand the way liberals use statistics: not as a tool to discover the truth, but as a weapon against Whites. When non-whites are under-represented in a particular profession by comparison with the general population, liberals screech that this is incontrovertible proof of racism and discrimination. Clearly, therefore, when non-whites are over-represented, that must, by the same logic, be proof of racism and discrimination against Whites. But liberals are not interested in logic and they’re always ready to change the rules of the game to produce the desired anti-White outcome. At 14.1%, non-whites were hugely over-represented in general surgery, but they were even more hugely over-represented in general psychiatry (24%), accident and emergency (27%), and geriatrics (30.4%). So liberals conclude that non-whites are still being discriminated against!

In other words: if it’s heads, Whites lose; if it’s tails, non-whites win. The true purpose of “anti-racism” and “diversity” is not to achieve justice and equality but to take power and money from Whites until they have no more left to give. It’s a vampire’s agenda, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that the “chief executive” of the King’s Fund was none other than the shrill and self-righteous Rabbi Julia Neuberger, one of the most revolting of Britain’s many Jewish busybodies and “public consciences.” At times I wonder whether women like her can breathe through their ears, because the anti-White, anti-male yapping that pours from their fast-moving mouths never seems to stop.

Then again, cranial breathing-tubes would reduce space for that outsized Jewish brain which has blessed the world so much since Jews emerged from their ghettos in the eighteenth century. But the funny thing is that when we look at “Jewish genius”, we don’t find men like Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Darwin, who taught us to see and appreciate the world and its richness and beauty better. No, “Jewish genius” consists of men like Marx, Freud, and Boas, who taught us to see and appreciate the evil of Whitey better. Jews are masters at injecting ideological viruses into the blood-stream of a society to weaken and harm it, and one of the most potent Jewish viruses is the Marxo-Freudo-Boasian concept of “racism.”

Just like a real virus, it mutates to maintain its potency. In the 1990s we discovered that not only individuals – White individuals, that is – could be guilty of racism. No, entire organizations – White-run ones, of course – could be guilty too, even if the individuals working in them were not conscious evil-doers. It’s called “institutional racism”, and it means even more power and money for the High Priests of Anti-Racism as they abuse and pervert statistics to detect racial sins and blasphemies in all corners of public and private service.

More recently still, a new mutation of this Jew-invented virus has appeared: the spine-chilling “stealth racism.” And once again, statistics are being abused and perverted to detect its unholy presence. The British police now force potential recruits to prove their anti-racism by sitting special tests. However, the tests produced some unexpected but very pleasing news, according to this report in the ever race-aware Guardian:

Home Office data showed 42% of Chinese applicants to the police were rejected on the grounds of “respect for race and diversity.” Similarly, 34% of black and 33% of Asian applicants were rejected, compared with 23% of their white counterparts. (14th June 2004)

Look at that: Whites have more “respect for race and diversity” than non-whites! That must show that we’re finally winning the decades-long War on Whitey’s Racism! Well, mustn’t it? No, of course not. The lawyer who headed the investigation into these findings, a former Director of Public Prosecutions called “Sir” David Calvert-Smith (who is either a race-traitor or a Jew)*, made the following comment:

The precise reasons for this disturbing racial pattern need to be determined, and the assessment methods and scoring systems examined more closely. (My emphasis)

In other words: the conclusion was fixed in advance. The tests were intended to exclude more Whites than non-whites, because – as we all know – only Whites can be racist and show disrespect for other races and cultures. And when the statistics seem to show that this is completely wrong, it’s “disturbing” evidence of

...a new phenomenon, the “stealth racist” who [has] learned how to remain undetected by the emphasis on what terminology to use and not use.

This proves that Whites can never win. Evidence that we’re less racist than non-whites is actually evidence that we’re just concealing our racism. We’re guilty till proved guilty, and we have to wake up and understand the truth about anti-racism and the ever-growing “diversity” industry. Not only is equality between different races impossible to achieve, anti-racists and diversocrats do not want to achieve it. They want non-whites to take everything Whites have got, and the only freedom they’re interested in is the freedom for non-whites to screech louder and louder about racism as more and more White power and money are handed over to them. If you want a picture of what’s going on, let ornithology come to your aid:

Cuckoo chick begging for food from its host

Non-whites are cuckoos in the White nest, but unlike cuckoo-parasitized birds, Whites have the intelligence and insight to realize what’s going on and throw them out before they swallow everything. We better start using that intelligence and insight soon, because the cuckoos are growing bigger, noisier, and greedier every day.


* David Calvert-Smith, the anti-White lawyer mentioned above, was “born 6th April 1945 to Arthur and Stella Calvert-Smith, who met while helping to care for Jewish refugees in Oxford” and someone of the same name prepared a hostile “documentary” for the Nazi propaganda film Jew Süss (1940), which was “released by the Jewish Media Services JWB.”

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