Luke O’Farrell earlier today     7 MARCH 2005

Dumb Niggers and Gloating Sheeneys

Sometimes People Say More Than They Mean To

As Dr Johnson almost said, a black intellectual is like a dog walking on its hind legs: it’s not done well, but you’re surprised to find it done at all. One of Britain’s most prominent black intellectuals is Trevor Phillips, the Chair of the Commission for Triangular Squares and Flying Pigs – better known as the Commission for Racial Equality. If Phillips’ intelligence matched his self-regard and self-righteousness, he’d be pushing back the frontiers of physics or computer science somewhere. But he’s black and it doesn’t, which means that he sometimes says more than he means to.

He recently wrote an article for The Independent, one of Britain’s two big liberal newspapers, arguing for the economic benefits of mass immigration and describing a recent trip he had made to the United States and Canada. One city he visited was failing, another was flourishing, and he explained the difference using immigration. The failing city hadn’t been blessed by it, the flourishing city had. This is how he put it – see if you can spot the blatantly racist conclusion he drew without realizing it:

Immigration in North America is really about economics. I spent much of last week there, starting on the banks of the Mississippi. In the small, African-American district of East St Louis, the only businesses that thrive are fast-food outlets and beauty parlours; the tax base is so low that 80 per cent of the city’s education spending comes from federal handouts. By contrast the city in which I ended my trip, Vancouver, lies at the heart of a dazzling growth surge in western Canada. One thing above all accounts for the transformation of this Pacific coast backwater into an economic success story: immigration. Nearly half of those who live in the city centre are immigrants, among them over 300,000 Chinese and 200,000 Indians.

Did you spot it? That’s right: Trevor Phillips, black head of the British Commission for Racial Equality, was complaining in one of Britain’s big liberal newspapers about lazy, dumb, good-fer-nothing niggers. A city with lots of blacks fails, because blacks are lazy and stupid and just want to fill their guts fast and look good so they can get sex. But a city with lots of Chinese and Indians flourishes, according to Phillips, because they’re clever and materialistic and work hard for themselves and for their children. And what would happen if East St Louis got lots of Chinese and Indian immigrants? The blacks would still be lazy and stupid, but now they’d have two new groups to feel envy and resentment towards, and two new groups would learn to hate and despise blacks. Something similar will already be happening in Canada: Vancouver’s surface glitter will hide a lot of racial tension, and when that glitter fades, as it inevitably will, the racial tension is going to turn nasty.

That’s a part of why White nations don’t need Chinese and Indian immigrants. Even if they “help the economy” in the short term, it’s better to be poor and racially healthy than rich and racially diseased. We can survive on our own; we cannot survive in company with other races. What Phillips and other blacks are asking us to do is build our own funeral pyre, soak it in kerosene, and then hand them the matches. Phillips & Co are on the funeral pyre too and they’re going to go up with us when they strike the match, but they’re dumb niggers and don’t quite get that part.

The people pulling their strings aren’t dumb though. White nations never voted for mass immigration and with the exception of greedy, selfish businessmen, never wanted it. Only the small Jewish minority wanted it, but Jews aren’t stupid and they got what they wanted.

You can see them regularly gloating over their success in The Independent and The Guardian, the other big liberal paper in Britain. In the latter, one David Aaronovitch wrote of “the Joys of Diversity” and how he prefers the “quiet, paper-reading ethnicities” of his train-journey to work to the “exotic, incomprehensible” White racists of northern England, where the chickens of Muslim immigration are now coming home to roost. Another Jewish columnist on The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland, recently spent a month in South Africa. He’d campaigned hard during the 1980s to overthrow apartheid, and was naturally eager to see the fruits of his labors.

Alas, he didn’t find things in South Africa quite as rosy as he’d hoped and on his return to Britain he wrote a column saying so. But Freedland wasn’t worried about South Africa’s horrendous crime rate: the thousands of rapes and murders committed every year by lawless blacks against Whites and against each other. He wasn’t worried about the AIDS epidemic there, caused by black promiscuity and black stupidity. He wasn’t worried about corrupt black politicians cheating their own people and blaming all their problems on the legacy of apartheid. No, Freedland wasn’t worried about any of that. The burning question that occupied him during his stay in South Africa was this:

Would I see, at any point in nearly four weeks in the country, a white person serving a black person? I looked hard – at restaurants, at petrol stations, in bars, in shops, in banks. I never saw it. Not once. I looked at magazine covers and window-displays in clothing stores. White, white, white. Occasionally, there would be a token black face, usually very light-skinned.

“White, white, white,” wails Jew Freedland. Bad, bad, bad. But thanks to him and his fellow Jews, things are looking better and better in the formerly White nations of the world every day. Better for Jews, that is. For Whites, things are looking worse and worse, and they’re not going to look better again until We Get Rid of the Yid.


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