Luke O’Farrell earlier today     1st JUNE 2005

Hell’s Bells

Why Mixing with Blacks is Dicing with Racial Death

Some people may try and convince you otherwise, but there’s no one simple explanation for what those of us who engage sensitively with issues around race call Typical Nigger Behavior, or TNB for short. No, there’s no one simple explanation at all: there are two simple explanations. On average, blacks are much lower in intelligence and much higher in psychopathy. Neither by itself is sufficient to explain why blacks murder, rape, and rob much more and much more viciously than other races, but together they explain everything. Stupid people are more likely to be criminal because they fail more and can’t see the consequences of their actions, but stupid blacks are more criminal than stupid Whites. An extra ingredient is needed, and that extra ingredient is psychopathy, which might be defined as moral deafness: an inability to understand or care about the needs and feelings of others.

That blacks combine low average intelligence with high average psychopathy is the suggestion of a British psychologist called Richard Lynn, and it certainly rings true to me. In fact, it rings like a bell, or perhaps I should say like a bell curve. The bell curve is one of the most useful tools in statistics and it’s the key to understanding a host of social phenomena. As its name suggests, it looks like a bell: it’s tall in the middle, where the average is, and flared on either side. You get a similar shape when you plot the scores from rolling, say, ten dice, because a very low score, like ten, or a very high score, like sixty, is much less likely than a middling score like thirty. You can roll ten or sixty in only one way, but you can roll thirty in lots of different ways.

Psychological phenomena like intelligence and psychopathy follow the bell curve because sexual reproduction is like rolling dice: we don’t get all our parents’ genes, just a random selection of them. But different races are rolling with different genetic dice, and because of the bell curve’s shape, even a small difference in the average score results in huge differences at the extremes. And the difference between average black and White score for intelligence isn’t small: the White average is much higher, which means that there are far more very intelligent Whites and far more very stupid blacks. For psychopathy, the situation is reversed: the black average is much higher, which means that there are far more psychopathic blacks and far fewer psychopathic Whites.

To see the bell curve at work in real life, there’s no better place to look than modern black culture. Back in the old days, when blacks writhed under White oppression, they didn’t murder, rape, and rob the way they do today and their music was gentle and attractive: think of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and The Ink Spots. Then Jews began to stop Whites “oppressing” blacks, which allowed TNB to rise to the surface. They began to murder, rape, and rob more and more and their music became more and more violent and ugly. The final result was something called “gangsta rap.” It’s an “authentic” expression both of low black intelligence and of high black psychopathy.

Low black intelligence is apparent in the names and slang gangsta rappers use. Like children, they’re still excited by the discovery that certain sounds can be spelt more than one way: who but a child or a black would be impressed by names like Kurupt, Mystikal, Ludacris, and Gravediggaz, for example? High black psychopathy is apparent in the behavior glorified by the lyrics of gangsta rap. That the murder and rape of Whites are glorified goes without saying – and without any condemnation as “hate speech” by Jews – but violence against other races isn’t the only thing blacks enjoy. These lyrics all refer to the way a good black “gangsta” should treat other blacks:

Rat-tat-tat-tat like that,
And I never hesitate to put a nigga on his back...

(“Rat-a-tat-tat”, Dr Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg)

She was the perfect ho’ but what do you know
The bitch tried to gag me, so I had to kill her...

(“One Less Bitch”, Niggaz With Attitude)

So fellows next time they try to tell a lie
That they never suck a dick punch the bitch in the eye...

(“She Swallowed It”, N.W.A.)

In short, gangsta rap is proof once again that no-one oppresses blacks as thoroughly and as enthusiastically as other blacks. Take a look at the gangsta label Death Row Records of Los Angeles. A huge amount has been said about the Los Angeles Police Department and the beating and murder of blacks by its “racist” officers. Well, Death Row Records was owned and run by blacks, and how did its dynamic young CEO Marion “Sugar” Knight deal with those black employees and business associates who displeased him? He’d have them locked into a room at his luxurious H.Q. and beaten to a pulp, that’s how. No proof of wrong-doing was required: suspicion was quite enough. And how did rival black labels – or maybe it was Knight himself – express their displeasure with the Death Row “artist” Tupac Shakur? By having him shot to death, that’s how.

Interestingly, Shakur and the other rap “martyr” Notorious B.I.G. – an unsightly lump of black lard also perhaps murdered by Knight – seem to have been much more dark-skinned than Knight and another “artist” on the label, Dr Dre of the early and much-respected gangsta rappers Niggaz With Attitude (have another look at the lyrics above for examples of what earned them that respect). Knight and Dre have survived so far, thanks perhaps to the higher intelligence bequeathed them by their greater White ancestry. But of course that higher intelligence would never have been enough to allow them to create and run a record label and distribute its music on their own. They had to have help, and if you want to know where that help came from, let the late great Adolf Hitler point you in the right direction:

Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike! (Mein Kampf, chapter two)

When you cut into the abscess of gangsta rap, you’ll find Jewish maggots like the businessmen Lew Wasserman and Edgar Bronfman squirming away inside, and gangsta rap is in fact a perfect example of “malign encouragement”, or the manipulation of one’s enemies into behavior that harms them and benefits you. Jewish businessmen, lawyers, and accountants have helped gangsta rap to flourish, simultaneously enriching themselves and contributing to black psychopathy. Blacks themselves are badly harmed by gangsta “culture”, but that’s of secondary importance to Jews.

Their real target is Whites. Gangsta rap is hugely popular among young Whites and helps destroy their attachment to their own culture and history. It’s not good for Whites to have black heroes of any kind, but least of all to have heroes among the cretinous psychopaths of gangsta rap. When something is harmful to Whites you can be sure Jews will be there promoting it, and that’s why the black problem can’t and won’t be solved unless we solve the Jewish problem first. TNB is a symptom: the root cause is TKB, or Typical Kike Behavior. Trying to end TNB without tackling TKB first is like frantically putting out a series of fires while ignoring the hook-nosed arsonists busily starting new fires further down the street.


For further details of Richard Lynn’s theory about how blacks combine low IQ with high Psy-Q, please read this article at American Renaissance: Racial differences in “average personality”

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